Astounded by comments

By Geoff Adams

As an irrigator and passionate farmer I am astounded with the ongoing left, green arguments that John Pettigrew continues to express to the readers of the Country News.

As the world renown 16-year-old shouts, so do I. “How dare you”, Mr Pettigrew, betray your own suffering and struggling community.

For the business people and farmers left in our district your belief in, and promotion of, the green ideology is extremely frustrating.

Your recent letter in the December 24 edition of Country News is an absolute disgrace and adds to the pain of your fellow citizens of the Goulburn Valley and beyond.

Paragraph four of your letter proves your blindness, your green tunnel vision, your willingness to ignore the facts, the outcomes of the unnatural river flows.

“No uncontrolled flooding of the Barmah Forest?”

“No drowning of the trees in the forest and along the river bank?”

“No unnatural damage to the Barmah Choke?”

“No damage to the Goulburn River?”

Your statements are the very reason why readers should view your letters as ‘fake news’.

“How dare you” show such disrespect and lack of care for so many in our former ‘food bowl’ region!

Chris Hunter