Honda to stop selling quad bikes in Australia

By Rodney Woods

Honda will no longer sell quad bikes in Australia after October 10, 2021, due to a new standard passed by the Federal Government last year.

Honda dealerships will be depleting their stock in the lead-up to the 2021 date, with some models to be discontinued as of October 10 this year.

The company says the regulations in the standard cannot be entirely met by quad bikes, which has led to Honda exiting the market.

Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment director Robert Toscano said the new standard was extremely disappointing for farm safety and farmers who rely on quad bikes every day.

“The safety of our customers is paramount, we will never compromise on this,” Mr Toscano said.

“Now that the rules have changed, it means we have to say goodbye to our all-terrain vehicle line-up down under.

“Honda has provided research to show the negative outcomes of the government's proposal but unfortunately it was not considered and we are here in this position today.”

Honda will continue to advocate for safety measures including mandating helmets for all quad bike riders, support for mandating rider training and stopping children under 16 years of age from riding adult-size quad bikes.

This advocacy covers most forms of farm vehicles including motorcycles and SSV.

“In light of this, we want to assure customers that Honda will continue to support all-terrain vehicle parts and servicing for the next decade at a minimum,” Mr Toscano said.

“We also offer a range of purpose built side-by-sides in our Pioneer line-up and our ever-popular Honda AG bikes.”