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Local musicians hit the studio

By David Rak

Two aspiring metalheads were perfecting their sound at Seymour Flexible Learning Centre as part of the 2020 Mitchell Shire Council Youth Services Montville Lane Sessions pop up studio.

Broadford musicians Jai Overbury and Marcus Cleary (both 15) bonded over a love of Metallica in year seven and formed heavy metal group Tinted Black.

The boys jumped at the chance to work in the pop-up recording studio that allowed them to record their music and have it shared with Universal Music Group, an opportunity which could open doors for them.

Combining several metal genres, Marcus plays the guitar while providing a mix of clean and unclean vocals and Jai takes care of the drums.

Tinted Black hope to one day play professionally and emulate their idols Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Jai began his drumming career on buckets at his family home but was soon asked to stop when police were called due to noise complaints.

“I couldn’t use the buckets anymore so I switched to anything I could drum on that had some padding to cut down the noise,” he said.

“Thankfully my step-dad had a drumkit that I could use, and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

“Marcus and I bonded because we have the same taste in music and now we spend every weekend jamming and working on our sound.”

Marcus wasn’t completely sold on the idea of playing guitar when he got one for Christmas but took it more seriously after suffering an injury playing footy.

“I got really into Metallica when I couldn’t play footy and started playing a lot of guitar,” he said.

“I met Jai not too long after that and we decided to team up and start making music.

“Working with Montville Lane Sessions has been fantastic. David really knows his stuff and has helped us to improve our sound.”

Seymour Flexible Learning Centre principal Shane Elliott used to teach Jai and said it was no surprise when he picked up drumsticks.

“I would be talking at the front of the class and I could usually hear this fast tapping of a pencil on a desk at the back of the room,” he said.

“It was always Jai practicing his technique, so it was no surprise he’s on the drums in a band.

“I’m very pleased to see them working with the Montville Lane Sessions and I look forward to seeing what they achieve in the future.”

Professional producer and engineer David Blake worked directly with the band and said there was plenty of hidden talent in Mitchell Shire.

‘‘It’s hard to get heard when you live in the country. Despite how good these artists are, they don’t have the same opportunity as people in the city,’’ he said.

‘‘That’s what drives me. To give the unheard performers a platform and exposure to a wider audience.

‘‘The Mitchell Shire Council has been amazing to work with. From Mayor David Lowe to the managers, co-ordinators and officers of the youth services team — these folks are bold and innovative and passionate about the youth in Mitchell Shire.’’

For more information about the band, search Tinted Black on YouTube or check them out on Instagram @tintedblack1official

For more information about Montville Lane Sessions, phone 0400 488 974."