Thousands enjoy Fryers St Food Festival

By James Bennett

The Fryers Street Food Festival turned the Shepparton CBD into a "human car park" on Saturday night with more than 11 000 people filling the streets.

And they were spoilt for choice with more than 65 separate food and beverage vendors.

The array of variety of cuisines for hungry attendees ensured nobody went home hungry.

A few Fryers St food traders were also busy throughout the night, plus there was plenty of live music and entertainment.

People either snagged a table or found a small patch grass to lay back and relax.

A car spot was hard to come by with the surrounding streets packed to capacity.

Event manager Liz Connick said the high turnout comes from local people's love of the CBD.

“We've given the opportunity for our community to come and gather and share; that's what we're really passionate about,” Ms Connick said.

“To be able to have a free event, to be able to provide entertainment, to be able to provide variety of food and a place together and great weather in the CBD brings people in, so many people.”

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Friday entree serves a feast

Before the main course on Saturday night, locals and visitors were treated to a compact version of the festival in the Maude St Mall.

About 12 vendors served a range of Asian, Turkish, Indian, hamburgers, and Greek cuisines.

Event manager Jamie Lea said it was the perfect start to the busy event.

“We were so happy with it,” Ms Lea said.

“We was absolutely thrilled with the turnout, considering we pretty much didn't our marketing for it.

“We'd estimate about 1500 people turned up, it was super staggered and great.

“People came and floated all night. They brought their kids and felt super ‘cruisy’ and casual."