Kaido’s a cool, calm customer

By Madi Chwasta

While other dogs would be bouncing off the walls at 15-weeks-old, Kaido, a border collie cross red heeler, has been comparatively relaxed.

“He surprised me when we brought him home, because he was so calm as a puppy,” owner Megan Fisher said.

“He just loves lying down and having a sleep.”

Megan welcomed him into her Numurkah home less than a fortnight ago, in what can only be described as a “happy accident”.

“A family member had a border collie and a red heeler, and surprised us with puppies,” she said.

“They ended up with about five all up.”

Will sit still for photos: Kaido knows he will get a treat if he poses.

However, poor Kaido was the only one in the litter that wasn’t taken, and Megan believed his black tail and rusty red colouring was the reason.

“He had weird colours, and didn’t get chosen by anyone.”

“We thought we’d take him on.”

It was good timing - Megan and her boyfriend James Sutton had just moved in together, and the two had always wanted a dog.

They named him Kaido, which means “free” in Japanese, an elegant name that was a far cry from their original plan to call him “whisky”.

But jokes aside, both Megan and James have taken their new parental roles very seriously.

“It’s like taking care of a child,” she said.

“We both had dogs growing up, so we knew we had to give him time and patience.”

She said he had learned lessons quickly, and in under two weeks, already knew how to sit when told.

Loves his bear: Kaido is a border collie cross red heeler.

They have also established a strict routine to help with his training, and it has proven to benefit Megan’s life, too.

“Look, my routine was messy before, but it has to be on track for him,” she said.

“He makes us want to get out and give him a walk, which helps me and James.”

And he’s proving himself to be an excellent muse for Megan, who is a professional photographer.

“He just sits there still - but it could be because he knows he’ll get a treat afterwards,” she said.

Although they’ve only known him for days, they have already grown familiar with his friendly, cuddly personality.

“He loves his small teddy bear chew toy, and was attached to that straight away – it’s the first thing he picks up in the mornings,” she said.

“He loves cuddling us and loves play time when we come home from work.”

And in this short period of time, they’ve already fallen for him.

“We definitely love him, it has been so positive having him” she said.