Fishing - it’s restricted, but here are some tips | Reel life

By Shepparton News

With the lockdown of borders you can put saltwater fishing on hold, unless you own your own boat and live near the coast.

This is the advice from Rod Lawn and Peter Smallwood from Adamas Fishing Charters, based at Queenscliff.

Rod said while the lockdown did not include his area, it affected most people that he took fishing.

He said he had been in contact with other charter skippers and, pardon the pun, they are in the same boat.

With the loss of patrons from the metro area, running his boat has become a non-viable proposition so he has decided to put a hold on operating until there is a change to the current lockdown.

And with the NSW-Victoria border being closed to Victorians, fishing trips to Eden and Narooma are off limits, so there will be no report from John Liddell and Graham Cowley until such times as we can travel interstate to fish.

The good news is that we can still go fishing around our neck of the woods and we have access to some mighty fine spots to head to, including one of the best inland spots in the state, Lake Eildon.

At the present time it is on a rise and fishing in the river arms is producing redfin, trout, yellowbelly and cod, as well as having plenty of ramps to provide access to the spot of your choice.

Some of the hotspots at Eildon are the Dellatite and Big River arms as well as Bonnie Doon and Peppin Point.

Here is a tip, the last thing boat operators do before they trailer their boat out of the water is to ditch their unused bait.

This attracts fish and creates a handy spot to drop a baited line; you might like to try angling there using a float.

For cod, big deep-diving lures, as well as surface poppers fished around the river arms and the deep water near the wall, should get results and trolling a fender baited with worms.

Mud-eye or a lure is the best way to fish for trout.

Remember, early mornings is best for trout, while for redfin drop a bait or lure beside the trees, keep moving from tree to tree until you locate fish.

Waranga Basin is worth trying for yellowbelly and redfin; use a jackal-style lure for yellowbelly and a hard body diving lure for redfin.

Bounce it along the bottom for best results.

I have also heard that an occasional trout can be caught in the inlet channel using lures.

The Goulburn River is still running at a high level and the water is muddy, so bait is the best option - fish worms or yabbies, cheese, chicken or a grub around the structure for the best results.

The river upstream from the mouth of the Broken through to Nagambie is worth a try, but do not discount the river around and downstream of Shepparton.

If you are looking for a weekend trip, Dartmouth is the place to be; trolling the lake is producing plenty of trout including brown and rainbow.

Flat-lining a clown pattern Tassie Devil-style lure as well as bait behind a ford fender is the best way to go.

Early mornings is the best time, however you will need to use a fish finder to locate the depth that the fish are feeding.

A word of warning, you will need to rug up, as it gets mighty cold in the high country at this time of year and if you are using an aluminium boat, get a bit of rug or mat between your feet and the skin of the bot if you want to keep your toes from dropping off.

I also use fingerless gloves and those pocket hand warmers (yes I am a bit of a softie).

There has been plenty of rain in the hills and this has kept the rivers and streams flowing at a high level so fishing them is a chore at the present time.

But angling a scrub worm in the backwater or under a likely bank could be worth trying.

For the sake of your toes I suggest that wading any of the rivers is not going to be an option.

Remember that the Murray River is over the border in NSW and fishing it is out of bounds to we who live south of the border. That also includes Lake Mulwala until the lockdown is lifted.

Once again, stay safe, keep hand washing and sanitising as well as social distancing.

Now we are being told that masks should be worn, so if you are travelling, wear one to make sure you are safe.

Hopefully we can beat the virus sooner than later.