40km/h speed limits coming to Shepparton CBD

By James Bennett

A speed limit of 40 km/h will be enforced throughout the Shepparton CBD by the end of August — answering the question about why signs covered with black plastic have been installed around the area.

The reduced speed limits will include some of Shepparton's busiest streets such as Wyndham St (between Dan Murphy's and the ambulance station) and High St (between the Shepparton law courts and the Terminus Hotel).

Most of the proposed 40 km/h limit area currently has a speed limit of 50 km/h, while Welsford St will remain unchanged.

The new signs with black plastic started to appear at the start of the month but council said they would be rolled out by the end of August.

Greater Shepparton City Council's infrastructure director Phil Hoare said the community was consulted earlier in the year about the changes.

“Council undertook consultation in March this year regarding this change, which included a questionnaire on council’s website, an article in the Shepparton Show Me eNewsletter, a letter drop to residences within the CBD area and emails to key stakeholders,” Mr Hoare said.

“The interface with the 40 km/h zone and residential streets will have 50 km/h signs where traffic is exiting the 40 km/h zone.

“The 40 km/h signs have been covered until the speed limit has been formally adopted. Those that have been exposed will be recovered until approval is granted, to avoid any confusion.

“Council installed the signs in readiness for approval, however the time frames for approval are outside council’s control.”