Blues grand final bound

By Andrew Johnston

THE footballing story of the season continues to roll on.

Tongala started the 2018 season with a coaching resignation and ended the year in 13th place with just five wins.

Twelve months later, Jordan Souter's men are in the Murray Football League's grand final.

Trailing badly late in the final quarter of yesterday's Murray Football League preliminary final, the Blues made a late charge to lock up their clash with Numurkah in the final minutes, before a single point from Coby McCarthy saw the Blues take the smallest - but most perfect - of leads.

Now, the boys from Tonny town have a date with destiny and the all conquering Nathalia Football Club as they pursue their first MFL flag.

Souter, the man who has guided his side back to the promised land, was already awaiting his next opportunity.

"We are pretty stoked with the performance," he said.

"But we can't get ahead of ourselves We will lap it up for what it's worth today and enjoy the moment, but tomorrow it's business as usual. We've got a grand final to front up for next week against the powerhouse club of our competition, there is no bigger challenge."

Though he was already thinking about what was next for his club, Souter admitted he was part of an incredible story in the final term of the match.

"We kicked four goals in the last six minutes to win," he said.

"You probably don't read about something like that too often. But I'm incredibly proud of it. We've been able to fight hard when the time has come in every game of football we have played, and I love that about our side."

The final decision of the game came when McCarthy was awarded a kicking in danger free kick with scores level, kicking the winning point in the dying minutes of the contest.

The seniors now join the reserves in the grand final next week.

For Souter, the success of the whole club - who will feature in four grand finals on Saturday - was key.

"We have an incredible group of local people who want to succeed for the club who will never throw the towel in," he said.

"It's been something like 27 years since we have been in a senior grand final, so we aren't ever going to give up. We kept battling away, every side at our club has done exactly that all year, so now we will go back and work hard to get ready for this contest."