Records broken at Barrie Beehag

By Brayden May

RECORDS are meant to be broken and in Saturday's Barrie Beehag none of those previous bests were safe.

As Arkham Asylum stormed to a new race record to claim the overall victory, in the lower classes records tumbled throughout the day.

There was plenty of drama in the under 14 expert class, as the first four boats all beat the previous record set by Flaamin last year.

But by the end of the day, the new record belonged to Kausin Glamour in a time of 31:16.

The team included Jessica Pearse (driver), Samantha Hedley (observer), Leilani Cartledge (skier) and Senna Hedley (skier).

A new record time was also set in the under 16 expert class by Elm Street - a team which comprised of two father-son duos including Kody and Wes Davison and Liam and Paul Ford.

Their time capped off a successful day for the local team, with their F2 boat finishing third in the under 12 division.

Category winners

Superclass: Arkham Asylum.

Unlimited Inboard Expert: Stalker.

Unlimited Outboard Expert: Speed Lab.

Sportmans: Illusion Down Under.

8 Litre Expert: Liquid Force.

6 Litre Inboard Expert: I-Robot.

SMOC Expert: Agent 86.

Under 18 Expert: Meltdown.

Under 16 Expert: Elm Street.

Under 14 Expert: Kausin Glamour.

Under 12 Expert: Chief.

70mph Expert: Dirty Rat.

60mph Expert: Wastindough.