Southern 80


By Riverine Herald

 ARKHAM ASYLUM is out of the Southern 80 and Reece Simmonds, one of its skiers, is in Royal Melbourne Hospital for further treatment.

Simmonds, 39, ended up in Echuca hospital after a high-speed fall in the 2020 Bakers Blitz.

His team said he was in good spirits but an ERH spokesman said medical staff have decided his condition would be better managed in Melbourne.

It was a disastrous outcome for Team Arkham – which had last month purchased the 99 Psycho Clowns boat to boost its assault on Australia’s most sought-after water skiing crown.

After extensive practice Arkham owner Brett Spits yesterday advised organisers he was swapping boats; and would switch to the renamed Arkham 99.

It was during 99’s first run for the weekend – in the Bakers Blitz – that the accident happened.

The race was stopped for more than an hour as Simmonds was transported to hospital for observation.

After examination and a series of X-rays and tests, doctors decided to transfer him to Melbourne. 

He could have been replaced but Spits confirmed the decision to withdraw had been made – and was final.

It has gutted the already shrinking superclass field for the big race, leaving only TR Marine and Superman to contest the big race.

Spits late yesterday told the Riverine Herald: “We've been here with him this afternoon; making sure he’s ok. The main thing is his health, so it's good news."

Asked about the option of a substitute Team Arkham made the decision that sent a strong message – it was all or nothing.

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