Rachel Pratt continues to move up in motor racing world

By Andrew Johnston

RACHEL Pratt thrives on competition.

Whenever the 22-year-old takes to the track, she is aiming to improve.

And she is starting to get the little victories against higher levels of competition.

“I think my driving has been getting a lot better,” the Echuca local said.

“The car we are running is a lot better, and it's helping me to get into better positions in races, which is huge for me.”

Recent runs in Sydney and Horsham and Kingaroy have seen her results continue to improve.

Pratt puts the runs in Sydney and Kingaroy as her highlights of the year due to who she competed against.

“I got to race against the best in the country,” she said.

“There are fantastic drivers all across Australia who go to these bigger events. It's a great opportunity to test yourself and see how you go against really good drive.”

And Pratt believes the competition has improved her own driving.

“You get to see how people race,” she said.

“You learnt from different styles and how they attack a course. You try and take as much of it on board as you can and see what you can add to your own driving, how you can improve when you're behind the wheel.”

“At Kings Royal at Kingaroy I qualified 24 out of 75.

Pratt has also had success in recent runs at Horsham as part of the Victorian Modified Promotions Association series.

“I finished eighth,” she said.

“I'm now looking at Heartland later in the month as the next round of the series.”

Her next goal is a top ten finish in the series, where she currently sits in 12th place of 45.

“I'll have to make a top three finish in a series round to make it to the top 10,” she said.

“We haven't got a lot of races left in the season, after Heartland we race Ballarat in April, but I feel like the goal is achievable.”