Golf Report | June 19

By Riverine Herald

Rich River


Tuesday, June 9

Men’s golf is now enjoyably back in full flight and before this week’s winners are announced it must be said that all members have been utterly thankful for the opportunity to play and walk the fine surrounds of Rich River during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Mitchell O’Dwyer enjoyed the glorious Tuesday conditions by parring the course for the first time, punctuated by an eagle on the 17th.

If he passes 71 with the willow this summer, he’ll be equally as excited.

Fred Steenbuck proved to be the dominant stag of B grade and Daniel Lavery had a perfect smile after claiming C grade honours.

A total of 174 golfers played the west course with 32 points winning a voucher.

A grade: 1st: Mitchell O’Dwyer (38), 2nd: Keith Jenkinson (36), 3rd: Geoff Burke (35).

B grade: 1st: Fred Steenbuck (36 c/b), 2nd: Ross North (36), 3rd: Gordon Jasch (34 c/b).

C grade: 1st: Daniel Lavery (37), 2nd: Bruce Williams (36), 3rd: Richard Feuk (35 c/b).

Thursday, June 11

With no nearest the pins on the course due to social distancing regulations, 45 members from the 179 participating golfers found themselves in the rundown with 31 points, on a countback, winning a voucher.

The flowing locks of Trevor Moody reigned supreme in A grade whilst Dane Williams piloted into prime position in B grade.

Brendon Murphy proved triumphant in an unusually scrappy dour C grade affair, which was akin to Richmond and Collingwood’s display upon the AFL’s return – get out and try golf on Rich River’s pristine courses.

A grade: 1st: Trevor Moody (39), 2nd: Jade Bennett (35), 3rd: Rob Kilgour (34 c/b).

B grade: 1st: Dane Williams (38), 2nd: Tony Morgan (36 c/b), 3rd: Baden Thorsen (36 c/b).

C grade: 1st: Brendon Murphy (35), 2nd: Bob Holmes (32 c/b), 3rd: Ian Maddison (32).

Saturday, June 13

For the first time in a long time black markers and stroke play was implemented, with most golfers enjoying the renewed mental test.

Lachie Hyndman had a day to remember and rightfully collected his monthly medal.

The other nett winners were Peter Hilet and Simon Cheong whilst Cooper Gentle collected another A grade gross win (at 17 years of age he’s on track to win at least another 500).

Craig Griffen and Craig Spiers also had stellar rounds.

Clancy’s eagle on the 13th was apparently “a sight to behold”.

A total of 186 golfers played the west course with 73 nett, on a countback, winning a voucher.

A grade: 1st: Peter Hilet (nett 67 c/b), 2nd: Andrew Briggs (nett 67 c/b), 3rd: Cooper Gentle (70 gross).

B grade: 1st: Simon Cheong (nett 69), 2nd: John Kelly (nett 71 c/b), 3rd: Craig Griffen (85 gross).

C grade: 1st: Lachie Hyndman (nett 65 and monthly medal), 2nd: Shane Phelan (69), 3rd: (Craig Spiers 89 gross).

Eagles: 6th – Aaron Loader, 13th – John Clancy, 17th – Lee McCullagh.

In other golfing news, it is with great pleasure that the men’s match committee can announce that the Premier League will be returning on Saturday, June 27 – bring on the banter.

Back 9

Men’s A grade: 1st: Eric Qualman (11-36 nett), 2nd: David Kirkpatrick (11-39).

Women’s A grade: 1st: Winnie Lavery (6-39), 2nd: Lorna Alchin (11-40 c/b).

Men’s B grade: Tony Maynard (16-38).

Women’s B grade: Jenny Kirkpatrick (16-46).

Women’s NTP: 4th — Ellen Banko.

Straightest drive: Men — Arie S.; Women — Helen Makin.


On Sunday, we had an amazing turnout of 36 players competing in a stableford competition.

It was great to see a few new faces and thanks to visitors from Lockington and Rochester.

Winner of the ladies comp with a fantastic score of 42 points was Jackie Newth and runner-up was Kath Connors.

Longest drive on 2/11 was won by Leisa Evans and Arielle Glatte (Lockington).

The winner of the men’s event was Jeff Carnie with a great score of 42 points, with runner-up Shane Bywaters on 38 points.

NTP: 4/13, second shot — Michael Giorgianni.

NTP: 7/16 — Michael Giorgianni.

8/17 — Rick Connors.

The meter beater did not go off and now stands at $270.

Saturday saw our first 9-hole competition with a few social hitters on course as well.

Next week will be a two-person ambrose any combination on Sunday and visitors are welcome.

Saturday’s nine-hole comp will be a stroke competition.

Hit off for the 9-hole comp is between 1.30 and 2pm.

Members and non members all welcome.


Saturday’s stroke round was the third preliminary round of the Club Championships, with another good roll-up of players.

Ron Dixon was best on course with an excellent 90-23-67 and won the Giddings Co Player of the Day voucher, plus the Privilege Cup and C grade honours.

Jacob Haines (101-32-69) was runner-up in C grade, with Tom Scurrah (93-23-70) next best.

Gary Milligan (80-10-70) won A grade on a countback from Stuart Newton (83-13-70), ahead of Grant Humbert (72-0-72).

B grade was won by Mark Holt with a solid 92-22-70, ahead of Mark Lyons (92-21-71) and Blake Humbert (92-19-73).

bfNTPs:nf 16th – Ray Brereton; 2nd shot 5th – Gary Milligan (A), Jeff Carnie (B), Jayden Wright (C); 2nd shot 18th for the 8-pack smack – Grant Humbert.

Spike’s Longest Drive on the 15th, sponsored by Hot ‘n’ Cold Plumbing – Grant Humbert (A), Ray Brereton (B), Brad Wakefield (C).

Neither the Echuca CIH eagles nest on the 3rd, nor Captain Bricka’s yardstick on the 16th was won.

Championships leaderboards (best 2 out of the 3 preliminary rounds): Club Champion – Grant Humbert 145, Brett Stone 153, Kevin Humbert 158, Mat Dennis 161. B grade – Ian Haines 171, Andy Freemantle 173, Jeff Carnie 177, Steve Holt 177. C grade – Tom Scurrah 187, Bowden Stone 190, Matt Higgins 192, Des Pentreath 199.

Nett: A grade – Kevin Humbert 136, Brett Stone 142, Stuart Newton 143, Gary Milligan 144. B grade – Mark Lyons 139 (new leader), 4 players on 141 – Jeff Carnie, Ron Dixon, Andy Freemantle, Ian Haines. C grade – Tom Scurrah 141, Bowden Stone 142, Tony Brooke 144, Matt Higgins 145. Veterans – Kevin Humbert 136, Mark Lyons 139, 3 players on 141 – Jeff Carnie, Ron Dixon, Tom Scurrah.

Last Wednesday the ladies played a stroke round for the first round of the Club Championships, with the best turn-up for the season so far.

Annette Brereton was best on course with 84-16-68 to win both the Giddings Co Player of the Day voucher, plus A grade honours.

Jenny Holt returned the good score of 99-27-72 to be runner-up in A grade.

B grade was won by Marg Eade, with Phyll Macfarlane runner-up.

Count the putts: A grade – Annette Brereton 25; B grade – Phyll Macfarlane 30.

Best of the bullseyes this week was Marg Eade with 2.

Upcoming events
Wednesday June 17 – Stroke – 2nd Round Club Championships – Count the putts. Duty: Sherryl Jones, Helen Hayes.

Saturday June 20 – Stroke – Club Championships Grand Final Day. Duty: Mark Lyons, Darren Carnie.

Hit off times: 11.30 – Grant Humbert, Brett Stone, Kevin Humbert, Mat Dennis. 11.40 – Tom Scurrah, Bowden Stone, Matt Higgins, Des Pentreath. 11.50 – Ian Haines, Andy Freemantle, Jeff Carnie, Steve Holt.