Behind the Play | Sam Eddy

By Brayden May

IF SAM Eddy could live at the Moama Football Netball Club, it’s extremely likely that she would.

After all it’s a place where she has spent pretty much her entire life.

But she’s been more than just a supporter.

Sam’s also been a canteen manager, secretary and treasurer.

That’s all been while serving on the committee for 21 years.

“Dad said he drove me in the gate the day I was born,” Sam said.

“Some people might think that I am mad, but I do it because I love the club.

“I’ve had a few people ask me if I’ve had enough but I still love every minute I spend doing my stuff for Moama.

“Winter isn’t a great time of the year to be able to do things like go on holiday so being at the footy gives me something to do.

“I’m very grateful to have the sport in my life.”

Sam is currently a co-vice-president and football administrator – a role which she has now held for over a decade.

It’s a position which has many different roles.

“Sometimes I forget just how much I have to do, but I’ve got a system now which makes it a lot easier,” she said.

“I do everything from running matchday, clearances, registrations, team sheets and entering results.

“Doing that job has taught me a lot about the game.”

Sam’s legacy at the club will last forever – after all, she belongs to the Eddy clan, the first family of Moama.

“The family connection is very special,” she said.

“It’s amazing when you consider that my grandfather and father have both served as president in the past and my mother is also a life member.

“Then my own kids have played football and netball for the club. My son played in the 2016 reserves premiership but has stopped since due to work.

“Hopefully he is able to get back out there one day.”

While Sam admits the job has its challenges, she said the positives outweigh those.

“The two premierships in 1992 and 2010 were great years to be part of the club,” she said.

“In 1992 when we won the seniors and seconds - that was a very good time to be around the club.

“You have so much pride when the club does experience success. Everyone who is involved whether it’s players or coaches are quick to thank you for the work you’ve done.

“The celebrations after those are pretty good as well.”

The coronavirus pandemic meant the Murray League decided to call off all senior competitions for 2020 in June.

And it was a decision which left a big hole in Sam’s life.

I’m finding it extremely difficult at times, especially on a Saturday,” she said.

“I’ve got a lot more time to be able to catch up on some things at home.

“It has been a challenge trying to keep up with everything that is happening.

“There have been a lot of changes, so it’s been important to make sure that we are getting things right.

“I’m a league delegate as well so it’s important that I am getting the right information out to our members.

“Being an administrator, I’ve had a big role to play in the entire process.”

Despite all the work she has put into the role, other Moama members say there would never be enough words to describe Sam’s efforts.

But she has never done it for her name to be put up in lights.

“I think it is an honour and I really appreciate that (club president) Matt Lake did nominate me to take part in this series.

“I don’t give up my time for the recognition or the thanks, I do it because I love the Moama Football Netball Club.

“I like being able to meet all the people that do come and go. I’ve made some lifelong friends from my time during the club and without footy I wouldn’t have those.”

Deb Frost, Sam Eddy and Beth Crossman featured in the Riv's Women in Footy series. Photo by: Luke Hemer.

And she is just as grateful to the club for what they do for her.

“I had major surgery a couple of years ago and I wasn’t able to do much,” she said.

“I was laid up in hospital for five or six weeks and people were doing a lot of the running around for me.

“But I still had some work to do which helped time go by pretty quickly.”

But Sam’s endeavors for the club extend well beyond the office.

What might not be as well known is the fact she was a highly talented netballer.

“I played netball for the first 10 years when it was introduced into the competition,” she said.

“In that time, I played in three premierships. It’s special to know I was part of the first Moama netball success.

“It was certainly an interesting time playing back then. The courts were almost like playing on the road.

“It’s amazing how much the game has grown as well. Back in our day there was only two or three teams.

“Now we’ve got four alone in the senior grades.”

Despite being well into her third decade of service to the club, Sam isn’t going to slow down.

And she is encouraging others to jump on board.

“My advice to someone thinking about jumping on the committee would be to do it,” she said.

“Because you can never have enough people to make a club tick.”

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