Tatura Hot Bread wins big at Victorian Baking Show

By Charmayne Allison

Whether you're a local customer or a national judge, Tatura Hot Bread always strives to deliver the best.

This was never more evident than at the Victorian Baking Show in Shepparton at the weekend, where the Tatura team brought home an impressive haul of 10 trophies.

“The boys forgot to make two rolls for the ‘fancy roll’ section,” owner Glenda Alexander said.

“So in the end they just went straight to the store and picked up two rolls from the shelves.

“They ended up placing second for them in the show.

“It just shows we put a lot of care into everything we make, no matter who it's for.”

Tatura Hot Bread came first for its white block loaf, wholemeal high tin, grain sandwich and doughnuts.

It came second for fancy rolls, pipe loaf and grain cob, and third for pasties, white high tin and fruit scones.

With the bakery currently running on diminished staff, Ms Alexander said she and husband Jeff were pleasantly surprised by the winnings.

“Everything was a surprise. We've been really short-staffed, so we're very proud of how hard staff worked to do well at the competition,” she said.

“Tatura has also been so supportive of us.”

Ms Alexander said the competition was also a chance for the who's who of the baking world — including bakers from throughout Victoria and as far as South Australia — to catch up.

And they certainly had plenty to talk about.

“Everyone's concerned about what's going on, particularly when it comes to keeping up with the exploding bread demand,” Ms Alexander said.

“On Monday we made the volume of bread we normally do and ended up selling out by 9 am.

“It's a crazy time. But if people just stopped panic-buying, there would be more than enough to go around.”