Tat Chat | Merrigum golf

By Shepparton News

Merrigum golfers played a Stableford round on Saturday in much better conditions than the previous week, although the scores might suggest otherwise. Only one player in the field was able to play to his handicap while there were many who could not reach the 30-point mark.

Clint Prygoda had a good day out, winning with a score of 36 points, picking up a nearest-the-pin on the 14th and winning the chook shed challenge with 10 points, one ahead of Grubber Andrews who had nine points.

We all know that Clint is probably the biggest hitter in the club but can sometimes be a little wayward, so social distancing is not really something he has to adjust to. He's had plenty of practice at recovering from other fairways, so that is not such a problem for him as for others, so it comes as no surprise that he was able to notch a win when many others struggled. Although he lost half a shot from his handicap, he will still play off the same handicap next time he plays at home.

Ash Sanders hit the course early and set the pace for everyone else and headed the ball competition with 35 points. Phil Savage was the other ball winner with 33 points. Phil also took the jackpot on the 12th for nearest-the-pin, while John Fuller was nearest on the ninth.

Next Saturday's event is stroke for the Privilege Cup with least putts sponsored by Simon and Tash Doherty being a part of the day. It is also round one of the eclectic. Most importantly it is the annual Tiger Cup play-off for the winners of the previous 12 Privilege Cups. Those who have qualified for the play-off are Bruce Brown, Simon Doherty, Darryl Johnston, Cory Berghofer, Rod Newham, Andrew Wood, Jeff Parry, Bill Bray, Phil Barca, Phil Savage and Barry Webber.

With new rules about social distancing there may be changes to the syllabus coming up for well attended open days, so stay in touch with coming events.