Full three-year terms in roles

By Robert Muir

Federation Council Mayor Pat Bourke will serve the first three-year term of the 2016-created council in the role.

The former Urana Shire Council Mayor was elected initially, in September 2017, for two years and was unanimously re-appointed on Tuesday for the final year of elected councillors for Federation Council before new elections in 2020

“I’m very pleased and honoured to represent Federation Council again as mayor,” he said. 

“I thank my fellow councilors for their support and that of course includes the deputy mayor who has been my deputy for my time so far.

“Together we have achieved enormous outcomes for the Federation Council area and I look forward to a continuation of projects outcomes over the next 12 months.” 

Deputy Mayor Shaun Whitechurch was also re-appointed unopposed which will also make it the full three years in the position of the inaugural elected group of nine councilors.

Cr Whitechurch recalled some challenging times during the administration period under the reign of the administrator.

Speaking to past councilors and mayors, Cr Whitechurch said, helped pave the way for a successful merger.

“We have achieved a lot and there’s still a lot to go,” he said.

Covering 5,685sqm and with a current population of an estimated 12,500 people, Federation Council was formed on May, 12, 2016 via the merger of Corowa and Urana Shires under Administrator Mike Eden.