Rona scrubs made right here in Yarrawonga

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

The coronavirus has changed the way we live and presented many challenges to workplaces, none more so than our health services. 

The requirements to keep our hospitals safe for patients, visitors and staff have increased significantly and Healthcare Heroes have risen to the challenge. 

A small group of Yarrawonga women put their heads together over a wine one night and recognised the extra costs for our heroes, as they all have to pay for their own uniforms and scrubs. 

Manufacturers were put under pressure as a result of increased demand, so this small team created ‘Rona Scrubs’ to enlist volunteer angels to make scrubs free of charge to support those health heroes. 

Starting on April 1 they have taken over 7000 orders and have enlisted 3000 Angels statewide to lend a hand.

The team reached out to Shires to enlist distributors to support the Angels and orders for heroes locally. 

Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House put their hand up for Moira Shire. 

“We have had our challenges sourcing patterns and materials, which meant reaching out to Moira Shire who assisted us by copying patterns for all our Angels,” Yarrawonga Neighbourhood House Community Programs Coordinator Deb Cooper said. 

“We then received a generous donation of $500 from local Yarrawonga resident Trevor Lewin, which enabled us to purchase good quality fabric from Material Girls, Yarrawonga at a special rate that Joy managed to get for us.

“This was never going to be a forever project, meaning it was set up to fill a need. 

“So, it is unfortunate that just as we have really got setup and organised the program it has now been given an end date. 

“This means we can take no further orders for scrubs from local Heroes. We will complete the orders we have left and then we will assist Pangerang Community Centre to complete the orders for Northeast Health.

“It has been a privilege to be a part of this program and I know our Angels have welcomed the opportunity to contribute to our health system in these unprecedented times.”