Yarrawonga Lions 55th changeover

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

Denis Griffiths will take over the reigns as Yarrawonga Lions president after the official changeover luncheon was held with 35 members and guests on Sunday, July 19. 

Lions new District Governor Carol Kennedy officiated the ceremony and inducted a new member Adora Brown. 

The new board consists of President - Denis Griffiths, Secretary - Liz Ornsby, Treasurer - Nora Reynen, Vic Presidents - Phil Oliver, Debbie Van Corler and Don McPhee, Membership Chairman - John Weinert, Lion Tamer - Gavin Foy, Tail Twister - Graeme Hodgins, Directors - Debbie Van Corler, Ken George, Andrew Toms and John Ellis.

Outgoing presidents report - President, 2019/2020 - Lion John Weinert.

“Wow what a year. Our year started with a night that some of us will have embedded in our memories for many years,” outgoing president John Weinert said.

“We welcomed three new members to our club and before the year was out a fourth new member. A special welcome to all four. 

“We saw our clubrooms finished off in preparation for the hosting of our 201V6 District convention and what a convention; best ever and a benchmark for those to come. 

‘We had only just taken a well-earned rest from hosting our convention when the south eastern part of Australia was devastated by enormous bushfires. Our district was in disaster mode and Lions stepped up. 

“Yarrawonga Lions set up a receivable point in our clubrooms and within a few short weeks had raised over $10,000 and more than 30 pallets of goods, all of which went directly to Lions clubs in our fire zone for them to use on the ground immediately.  

“Then before we could catch our breath this Covid-19 landed on our shores.  

“With everything going into lockdown, Lions entered a time of uncharted waters.  We had a club, we had members keen to be/do Lions, but our members are in the high-risk group, so we had to think outside the square. 

“We were told this could last for 6-12 months so we cancelled all activities and events and started chatting to our members over the phone ensuring they were OK.  

“Then we were introduced to something called “Zoom” and a new world opened. We had our meetings, mostly social, as there was no work anyway, over Zoom.  

“I am pleased to say we are coming out of the Covid -19 experience with a different view on life, which I hope may last. Yes, we are coming out.

“We had our first group, face to face board meeting only a couple of weeks ago and my last meeting as President will be again a social night in our club rooms with our members. 

“Yes, these are very different times with social distancing and very high levels of hygiene. But we will be OK.

“In finishing I really need to thank my executive. 

“Firstly Diana, she started my year as Secretary but then she and Doug returned to Canberra. Joan then stepped up and became my right hand, everything a President needs from a secretary, I have lost count on how many times she has made me look good. 

My treasurer. Our treasurer, always there with the numbers and the answers.  Both will be hard shoes to fill.

“Thank you to my board, it was a difficult year and we had difficult decisions to make. 

And thank you to all our members for their support and hanging in there, well done Yarrawonga Lions.  

“To the incoming executive and board, I wish you the best and my support. Let’s move forward and make this another year to remember.”

Incoming presidents report -
Denis Griffiths.

“I wish to begin my report by thanking President John Weinert for his leadership in this challenging year,” incoming president Denis Griffiths said.

“First with our very successful District Convention and then with the fires and now the lockdown.

“I would like to thank our club (in advance I think) for the opportunity to lead our club again.

“I see this year as a challenge to find new ideas and new projects in our community but to not forget our motto “We Serve” and to live by the Lions Code of Ethics.

“With most of our fundraising projects cancelled or postponed it is good to see the Wool Show can still be held in late October.

“Membership is always important and again I ask members to keep it in mind.

“Finally, may we all work hard, have fun, good fellowship, and enjoy life and Lions.”