Unwanted yarn? Assist those in need

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A number of people in the local region are feeling helpless during this current pandemic and are assisting in any way they can with Yarrawonga’s Judy Heather crocheting blankets to donate to those in need. 

“During these unprecedented times I’ve had overwhelming feelings of helplessness and inability to change this global crisis,” Judy said.   

“My passion and concern for people in trouble and distress lead me to consider what I could do at a more local and regional level. Not being trained in any medical areas, my options were small.   

“Luckily, my partner Stuart and I can still work on the farm and tend our large garden, not an option for people confined to a unit or residential property. We feel blessed for that.”

Not all people have been so lucky to keep busy or safe during these times so Judy decided to use one of her hobbies to assist those who may require it.

“My passion for fibre and crochet and for people going through tough times, I decided the best I could do was to create crochet blankets for the comfort of those in need, instead of dwelling on the family members I miss so dearly,” Judy said.

“Prior to the passing of an elderly family member, she gave me tubs full of yarn and asked me to do something with it to help others, so the obsession began.

“I had the pleasure of delivering 20 plus hand crochet (with love) blankets of all sizes to a ‘zero to 18 years’ program in Wangaratta that distribute to children in many and varied situations of distress including foster care.   

“I left thinking, ‘wow what a wonderful feeling’.”

A recent Facebook callout to people for any excess or unused yarn has been overwhelming and very humbling for Judy as well as a real eye opener as to how many people volunteer in assisting others from the comfort of their home.

Donations of wool or any other yarn will gratefully be accepted, small or large amounts and Judy can pick up if required by contacting her on 0431486903.

“Just a number of others who are also volunteering around the community are: Coral VanDyk with asthma bags, masks, emergency bears and much more. Liz Cook - Angel Gowns, Sandra Strachan - cooking for elderly in Tungamah, Pat Haymes - crochet for sale for Friends In Common, Karen King Stewart - Crochet for vets and homeless, Margaret Dripps - patchwork quilts for children,

and of course, the Turban Sewing,” Judy said.

“It would be great to have other people nominated by the public too.” 

The Chronicle would like to thank Judy and all of those who are volunteering their time to assist during this crisis.

So if you know of others in the community who are volunteering their time to assist others, let us know so the community can thank them for their work and to receive the recognition they thoroughly deserve.