Consultations change but doors still open

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

The delivery of local health services is undergoing change.

General Practice in Yarrawonga and in fact across Australia is concerned that case load and activity level has fallen away with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  

But is everyone suddenly enjoying better health? Probably not. 

Doctor Clyde Ronan from Yarrawonga Medical Clinic said since the pandemic hit in March much of the general practice work has transferred to Telehealth-telephone consultations and practice waiting rooms have cleared. 

“All of a sudden we have empty chairs, vacuous corridors and easy parking,” Dr Ronan said. 

“Our practice is still open for business, with a few precautions. 

“Patients are still welcome to attend clinics for face-to-face consultations when physical attendance is required such as for an examination.” 

But Dr Ronan said the practice asks people to consider wearing a mask, face-shield, scarf, bandana or head-sock for the protection of staff and others. 

“Please note that cross border travel for medical reasons is a legitimate basis for applying for a remote community resident pass.”

Dr Ronan also reminded the community that the practices’ skin cancer clinic has not stopped either.

The Yarrawonga Skin Cancer Clinic is now offering consultations by phone. 

“It is now possible, and convenient to book a Telehealth consultation and send an image of your concern to our mobile phone or email address,” Dr Ronan explained.

“Clarity of image is important and videos don’t add anything. This strategy is not going to be suitable for skin surveys, and I haven’t worked out a way to do skin surgery over the phone yet,” Dr Ronan remarked. 

“But it is very useful for making a preliminary assessment of specific skin lesions in question.

“Everyone is trying new ways of conducting their business and we must all attend to our health needs and keep our practices alive and well too,” Dr Ronan said.