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September 06, 2017

Who will fight hardest for water?

THIS week, residents of Edward River and Murray River councils go to the polls for the first time to elect a council to represent our interests.

Throughout the election campaign we have heard various aims and goals of the candidates, in particular the need to ensure prosperity in our region.

However, what has been missing in many cases is an appreciation of the most important ingredient to ensure this prosperity occurs.

I am talking about water. Our region relies on agricultural production for its economic wellbeing, and to maximise this production we must have an affordable and reliable water supply.

The challenges being faced by our food and fibre producers are currently evident – while on the one hand we have concerns about another flood event this spring, on the other we have only 20 per cent allocation for general security irrigators.

This highlights flaws in water sharing arrangements which need to be addressed at state level, and this will only occur if the pressure comes from local level.

We need to ensure our elected councillors appreciate the value of agriculture to our economy, and are willing to offer the level of support which agriculture needs if it is to continue driving our prosperity.

So, when you vote in local government elections, please give some thought to who is most likely to fight hardest to ensure we get the productive water that is needed to drive growth and jobs.

Mandy Hay


Nothing is more important than protecting children

NATIONAL Child Protection Week runs from 3 – 9 September.

In this week we take the time to reflect on child protection issues and promote the wellbeing of our young people.

I am asking for a world without child abuse, and we can only achieve that though creating safe environments for our kids.

Reports of child abuse are overwhelming and give witness to the lack of accountability for adults who abuse young people.

Sadly, some communities are looking the other way, ignoring the abuse of children because this is the easiest option.

People don’t want to get involved in notifying assaults on our young people because of the fear of the consequences from the perpetrators.

Nothing is more important than protecting our vulnerable children from abuse and neglect.

Child abuse goes beyond the tears and pain experienced in childhood.

Victims endure a lifetime of psychological and emotional distress, they often become drug users to kill the pain of abuse, attempt suicide, self-mutilate and have major trust issues.

We, as a society, must ensure that we provide our children with a safe and supportive environment, so they have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

My organisation, Youth Off The Streets, is dedicated to helping victims of child abuse through extensive programs as well as our trained youth workers, case workers and psychologists.

We strive to offer a full curriculum of care that is provided on a case by case basis, ensuring our young people get the care they so desperately need.

We as a community need to listen to what is happening to our young people, speak up and get help when our children are in trouble.

Together we can protect some of Australia’s most vulnerable young people from experiencing this trauma.

Father Chris Riley

Youth Off The Streets

Check your pool fence

I WRITE to you as chief executive of the Royal Life Saving Society Australia with an important message for your readers – please check your backyard pool fence, gate and latch.

Inadequate pool fencing and faulty pool gates remain a major contributing factor in the rate of drowning in backyard swimming pools among children five years and younger.

RLSSA has developed a home pool safety checklist that allows you to conduct a self-assessment of your home pool and its surrounds to ensure it is safe for everyone to enjoy and minimises the risk of young children drowning.

Often pool owners don’t realise their pool fence or gate is faulty, which poses a threat to children’s safety.

Pool fences, pool gates and latches should be regularly checked and maintained as parts can break or become defective over time.

Please visit and download the home pool safety checklist to make sure your lifesaving responsibility is in working order.

The checklist does not substitute for a pool inspection and we urge you to get professional advice about your pool’s compliance, check regulations with your local council or go to the local hardware or pool shop to discuss how to ensure the pool is made safer in time for summer.

Adequate pool fencing is not a substitute for active supervision. Always keep watch of children around water.

Last summer saw a tragic number of lives lost to drowning, with rates more than four times the 10-year average between Christmas and New Year.

Sadly, children accounted for a significant portion of these preventable tragedies.

We don’t want to see the same devastating impact this summer so please make this weekend your home pool safety weekend.

Justin Scarr

Royal Life Saving Society Australia

‘Conspiracy’ surrounding gay marriage support

I NOTE that Campaspe Shire Council has released its draft development plan for Victoria Park following ‘‘extensive community consultation’’.

There is still further opportunity for community input before a final plan is determined.

The process is in stark contrast to the way council pushed through its motion affirming same-sex marriage.

In that case there was zero effort to consult the community.

Regular readers of the Riv had one day’s notice that the motion was on the council agenda before it was voted on. Most Campaspe residents probably didn’t hear about it until days after the decision was made.

Not so the gay activists who seem to have had sufficient notice to organise three of them to address the council meeting — some might suggest a conspiracy was involved to deny the community a say.

But that is the way the SSM activists seem to operate.

At the federal level they have exhausted every option in an attempt to deny Australians a say via a plebiscite.

Perhaps they realise if Australians are properly informed about the radical consequences of SSM then a majority will vote ‘no’.

John Miller


Thanks Riv

I WOULD like to thank all involved with the Riverine Herald footy tipping — the staff and the sponsors.

I know it is very popular with a lot of people who keep up to date with the results each week and congratulations to the winners.

It must be a big job keeping results each week with so many entries.

Robert Hicks


Marriage is between man and woman

I HAVE five children and six grandchildren.

One of my sons is very handsome and when he was a schoolboy I saw an old man attracted to him.

Fortunately I had just read him the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and he ran.

Following “so called” marriage equality passing law in New Zealand I returned there and had two gays, one a transvestite, approach me, openly displaying their intentions.

I have treated a patient with AIDS when no-one else would – it was so sad.

Today I received a letter posted in Victoria with a $1 stamp with the word ‘YES’ followed by small print that said ‘1967 Referendum’.

This is subtle advertising for the coming vote.

Morality comes from the word of life – the Bible.

If you want life, read your Bible and teach your children.

The gift of God is eternal life and I have seen the Lord Jesus Christ many times and we all will see him one day, that day for sure.

Be ready, and remember, marriage is between a man and woman.

Dr RG White


Thanks for supporting Legacy

MAY I, on behalf of the members of the Echuca Group of Legacy, use your pages to extend our most grateful thanks to the folk of our district for their usual generous support during last week’s annual Legacy Week.

They were generous in so much as most of us are under increasing pressure and financial straits due in part to rising power costs etc.

They may rest assured that their donations are most gratefully received and will be most faithfully applied in the support of those widows of our district left to our care and charge.

I would also like to thank those individuals who gave their time to man our collection points, the assistance given by members and volunteers of the local ex service organisations, without their help Legacy could not ‘‘field a team’’, so once again, thank you one and all.

Lastly, thanks are extended to you and your staff at the Riv, you are always, and always have been, supportive to all the ESOs and charitable groups of our district in publishing notices, stories and articles associated with a current or coming events. Thank you all.

L/Tee Col Perkins JP

Echuca Legacy chair

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