Murray by-election candidates

October 11, 2017

Helen Dalton

Peter Robinson

Michael Kidd

Ray Goodlass

HELEN DALTON (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party)

I’M AN owner/operator in our family farming business, with a teaching background, a diploma of horticulture and advanced diploma of agriculture.

In 2006, I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship which gave me the opportunity to study overseas.

For many years, I have sat at representative tables speaking for our rural and regional communities.

Raised on a property at Rankins Springs, NSW, I’m standing as a candidate in the seat of Murray because I believe our current representatives are under-performing.

It’s time to hold them to account for believing this is a safe seat and taking us all for granted.

State policies should be building on the resilience and adaptability of our regional communities and local environments, not trading that off for political purposes, funding and ideologies.

The forced amalgamation of councils is one clear example of that current mindset.

We need to see genuine movement in the $70 billion backlog of infrastructure spending. Less talk, more walk.

The entire Murray electorate deserves decent access to hospitals and health services, no matter where we live.

We need genuine local input, bottom up financing and minimum staffing requirements to be implemented immediately.

Our neglected regional hospitals need upgrading. I am so impressed with the people in our regions who are bravely speaking up for our community health needs.

A vote for me is a vote for a powerful voice in parliament on sensible and fair water management.

I will never be silenced into accepting poor outcomes or second best for any of our communities.

NSW needs energy policies that will secure affordable base load power supply.

The Liberal Nationals promised regional NSW that power prices wouldn’t go up after the sale of poles and wires. The exact opposite has happened.

It is our policy to build two high efficiency low emissions power stations in the Hunter region to achieve energy security and affordability for all NSW families and businesses.

We must reverse the devastating decision to lock up and leave a sustainable forestry industry.

We are committed to achieving this. Generational businesses have been severely impacted by an ideological and impractical policy that has completely failed to recognise the true historical contribution of this industry.

Unlike the current status quo, I will not be cowed into submission by inner city elites, career politicians and bureaucrats.

Our communities deserve the best outcomes for our patients, students, farmers, businesses and local environments.

What matters to you matters to me.


I AM standing to give Murray electorate voters the opportunity to vote Green.

I have been a Riverina resident since 1979, employed as senior lecturer in drama at the Wagga Wagga campus of Charles Sturt University until retiring in 2006.

A long-term member of the Greens NSW, I have been secretary of the Riverina Greens since its inception, a Wagga Wagga City councillor and its deputy mayor.

I am a weekly opinion piece columnist for the Daily Advertiser, deputy chair of the Board of the Multicultural Council of Wagga Wagga and a volunteer with many environmental, cultural and social justice organisations.

I am also a regular visitor to Palestine, working as a volunteer in refugee camps.

I strongly support ecological sustainability and a healthy river system, on which we and our environment depend.

Accordingly, I am campaigning for water security for the environment, agriculture and urban communities and for proper oversight of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan through the Greens plan to establish a Sustainable Water Institute, which has been fully costed.

I am also an advocate for the equitable provision of public services, including health, education and public transport for all regional NSW communities, not just the major cities.

The Liberal/National Coalition government has long neglected the needs of regional NSW and it is high time our regional residents and their communities were provided with a level of services matching those of their metropolitan counterparts, with additional provisions to compensate for the tyranny of distance.

I support the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, which is presently before the NSW Parliament and am a strong advocate for marriage equality.

I also want to see transparent and accountable government decision making and a total ban on political donations from corporations.

I am campaigning for an end to corruption by strengthening the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

I am an advocate of sustainable development that reflects community aspirations and for the sustainable management of natural resources for current and future generations.

I support local businesses and farms over impersonal multinationals and campaign for vibrant and diverse communities in which all are welcome.

MICHAEL KIDD (Country Labor)

I’M HONOURED to be selected as Country Labor’s candidate for the upcoming by-election in Murray.

I have lived in Leeton for more than 35 years and my wife Leeanne and I have raised our family here.

I am a staunch advocate for our community and have been a Leeton Shire councillor for nine years, as well as the chair of the Roxy Theatre Committee, secretary of the local Tidy Towns Committee and a member of the Leeton United Football Club Committee.

I have previously served as president of the Leeton Pre-school Committee and spent two years on the school council of St Joseph’s Primary School in Leeton.

For too long, the National Party has taken our area for granted.

I am running because it’s time we sent the Berejiklian Government and those Nationals up in Sydney a message.

As a radiographer for Leeton Health Service and a member of the Leeton Local Health Advisory Committee, I’ve seen how the cuts from the Liberals and Nationals in Sydney have impacted our local community, particularly when it comes to our local health services.

Last month, the Griffith community came together to rally against a reduction of services at the Griffith Hospital.

More than 100 community members came out again to directly tell Premier Gladys Berejiklian that the fight will continue against these harsh cuts.

We need someone who understands the local area and will fight against the privatisation of regional hospitals and cuts to local health services.

Only Country Labor will keep our hospitals in public hands and secure funding for regional health services.

We need someone who will fight for more local jobs and stop the cuts to TAFE to ensure everyone can get the best start in life.

I believe access to reliable water for irrigated agriculture is not only the key to survival of the rural communities in Murray but also future growth and opportunities.

The Nationals have failed our community when it comes to water policy and the Nationals should be stripped of the water portfolio.

PETER ROBINSON (Independent)

BELOW are 10 points on why Deniliquin’s Peter Robinson believes he is the right choice to represent the Murray electorate.

■1. NSW Government (alone or with Victorian counterpart) to do a raincheck on whether SA’s South-East Drainage and SA’s 7.5km barrage system, in their current set-up, provide the best infrastructure support for the respective environments of SA’s Coorong and Lower Lakes.

■2. Establishment of next campus of Murray Darling Medical School in a rural town not city, for example Deniliquin, Leeton, Moama or Wentworth.

■3. Curtailment of government pensions paid to ex-MPs (including Mr Piccoli) on a dollar-for-dollar basis, for their other post-parliament income.

■4. Funding of promotional resources to highlight River red gums rarely grow to full maturity, away from rivers and creeks, without pruning.

■5. Equity in council amalgamations for residents of Edward River Council and residents of Murray Shire to match the money per head granted to residents of Austin’s Administrative Area (Murrumbidgee Shire).

■6. Drop the inland rail farce if there is no produce stop in the western Riverina food bowl. If it is only for getting steel and paper between Melbourne and Brisbane, then break whatever union barriers prevent it.

■7. Reform privatisation of prisons by imposing fines on operators of $250,000 for first positive illegal drug test on inmate, going up by $250,000 for each additional positive illegal test on inmate in any running 12-month period. Contract termination with no compensation for 10 positives per year.

■8. Stop cruelty to feral animals. Cease 1080 baiting and aerial shooting. Pay shooters fair bounties for every bona fide feral animal culled.

■9. Legislate to remove common law which (only in Australian states — nowhere else) protects lawyers and expert witnesses from being sued for negligence for their professional services provided in a court room. Does not exist in Canada, NZ, UK or USA or any English-speaking nation.

■10. Introduce compulsory swimming (summer) and team sports (winter) for all school children (ages 8-14) and compulsory social activities one afternoon a fortnight (ages 13-16), for example, visiting nursing homes, gardening for the elderly, weeding public parks.

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