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October 11, 2017

Google finds a way

JUST a thought, but I Googled for advice on a couple of local issues mentioned recently in the Riv:

■Lighting along Campaspe Esplanade.

Some time ago, there was a spate of car break-ins and burglaries near where I live.

After installing several solar lights, they immediately stopped.

Criminals need the cover of darkness to carry out their activities.

The cost was negligible when you consider the security and reduction in anxiety achieved.

I have ordered a couple of solar lights on eBay to experiment in reducing darkness along Campaspe Esplanade – total cost $7 (free postage).

■Getting rid of pigeons from buildings.

Once again, Googling produced a possible solution.

Ultrasonic bird and animal repeller – at a cost under $50 an area of eight square metres can be fully protected.

Barry McDougal, Echuca

What are we really voting for?

FOR what, and for whom, are we really voting at the October 14 Murray by-election?

The uniqueness of the seat of Murray is that most of its income and employment is directly and indirectly related to agricultural pursuits and irrigation water.

Your career; your potential, or current employment will be somehow linked to the availability of irrigation water or agribusiness performance, as will your major asset – the value of your home.

Service and health industries, manufacturing and engineering, logistics and education all underpin agriculture in one way or another.

So the crucial question is: what party or candidate is most skilled and best-placed to protect the status quo, or more importantly, maximise opportunities for local industries, your career and home asset value to grow and prosper.

Communities and townships throughout the Murray electorate are affected by decisions taken at three levels of government – federal, state and local government.

It makes clear sense Murray is represented politically by an MP and a party who can operate effectively across all three levels.

The Labor Party’s proposal to take a further 450,000ml of irrigation water from the Murray Darling Basin – especially if most of this water could be accessed by irrigation schemes in the Murray electorate – would be disastrous and potentially ruinous for local communities and you as a constituent.

Be very careful with your vote in this by-election.

Make sure you have an understanding of the facts and the policies each party is putting forward and inform yourself of the important questions that must be asked.

Why have the Shooters, Fishers & Farmers done a deal with Labor on their how-to-vote cards, cross-preferencing their votes?

What skills does a protest party like the Shooters bring to the table, and more worryingly, what influence does it have within the Labor Party?

Remember, it’s Labor who wants to take massive amounts of extra water out of the Murray Darling Basin for environmental purposes.

So, what are we really voting for?

If it’s protection of jobs and home asset values, and the potential to improve and expand your own career and wealth horizons, then only one party and one candidate can offer a way forward – The Nationals and Austin Evans.

I urge you to get across all the facts before you go to the polling booth, and then cast a vote to help ensure a better future for Murray.

Don’t vote yourself, your children or your neighbour out of a job with an uninformed protest vote.

David Farley, Narrandera

Will they ever learn?

INTERESTING isn’t it? The Queensland and Federal governments are promoting another billion dollar coal mine in Queensland’s delicate outback country at the cost of ground and water contamination, stupidity and ignorance it seems.

And spruiking it will bring 10,000 jobs to Queensland (though other estimates are maybe 1500 jobs).

It would seem they never learnt any basic science or maths at early secondary school.

It is a fact the Great Barrier Reef is being degraded by the carbon by-product of coal and other human follies.

So with some short-term profit agenda and maybe a job after politics, and scrambled science and maths, they wish to open another gigantic coal mine to continue the catastrophe on the reef.

The reef that underpins a tourism industry and its tens of thousands of jobs generating around $30 billion in the region.

No-one is going to visit a dead coral reef as it wipes out the seafood industry as well with thousands more jobs.

The Great Barrier Reef is the nursery, breeding gardens of marine life on the east coast of Australia – affecting world seafood supplies.

Vegetation on land and sea also gives us the air we breathe and takes in as food the carbon released from the ground via coal and burning off practices.

Queenslanders say we can grow crops because of high rainfalls in tropical rainforest areas.

But bulldoze the rainforests and the rainfall declines as it is the forest that manufactures the high rainfall, plus provides a carbon sink and fresh air for us all. Duh.

Humans do not own the land; we are its caretakers only.

Any idiot who can add up and is armed with even modest high school science and maths knowledge would know that.

We should provide the dunce’s cap for the impatient, self-interested money makers and stand them in the corner – it’s sad and criminal.

It is time in Australia, on behalf of future generations, to take Canberra and greedy big business to court for denying the young their future.

Brian A Carter, Echuca

It’s a ‘clear choice’

VICTORIA’S country communities are at the heart of the Liberal Nationals’ plan to decentralise population growth in our state.

The nonsense claim from Labor MPs that the regional development portfolio has been cut is nothing more than hysterical scaremongering.

The Andrews Labor Government is desperate to divert attention from the fact it has failed to plan for the future population of our state.

Unlike Labor, the Liberal Nationals have been consulting with country communities, stakeholders and local government across Victoria to develop a population plan to grow our whole state – not just Melbourne.

Decentralising our population by creating good jobs that will support more small business opportunities in our regional centres is central to the Liberal Nationals’ plan for regional development.

Our plan will also include building the roads and transport infrastructure to better connect our cities and towns as well as providing better schools and local health care.

Under Labor, country roads have been left to crumble and skyrocketing energy costs and other cost of living pressures are making it harder to do business and causing job losses across regional Victoria.

Victorians will have a clear choice at the next election.

A choice between the Liberal Nationals team that is focused and united on the issues that matter like jobs, cost of living and regional connectivity, or a Labor administration preoccupied with factional fights and rorting the taxpayer.

Member for Murray Plains PeterWalsh

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