Bowls report

November 09, 2017


THE State Pairs were conducted at Rich River on Sunday in perfect bowling conditions.

A high standard of bowls was witnessed and should provide some very close games next Sunday at Rich River.

The Section winners were: Section one: L. Franklin/S. Lang (Deniliquin), Section two: S. Cunnington/G. Beattie (City of Echuca), Section three: C. and D. Keenan (Rochester), Section four: W. Brooks/P. Thorn (City of Echuca), Section five: G. Dorward/B. Brennan (Moama), Section six: G. O’Brien/K. Brennan (Moama).

Sections two and three have a first round bye next Sunday.


LAST Tuesday the women enjoyed a game of Scrounge for their social bowls. The winners on the day were Annette Brereton, Annie Haines, Kath Palmer and Joy Weller on a day where pure skill prevailed.

On the Monday and Wednesday the club hosted the CVBD Ladies State Fours.

Monday saw heavy showers, sunshine then more rain and a cold wind. The decision was made to play two games and return on the Wednesday to complete the schedule.

After the third game was completed there were three teams to contest the finals.

Our local team comprising Pauline Humbert, Lois Chugg, Phylis MacFarlane, Kath Palmer (s) performed well to win a place in the final.

Playing the Bev Trengrove-skipped Moama rink over 18 ends, both teams were evenly matched in the early part of the knockout final.

Lockington gradually fought its way to a slender lead before Moama struck back winning nine shots in three ends to bridge the gap.

Moama led by one shot with one end to play. The pressure may have been building a little as both leads rolled the kitty out of bounds before Humbert calmly decided on a three-quarter length end.

Most of the bowls were a little scattered before the Kath Palmer-skipped rink was able to take the match by picking up four shots to win by three.

The team will now play the Melissa Roberts rink from Moama on January 15, 2018 for the opportunity to reach the Regional final.

On the local CVBD pennant scene, our division two side in the midweek competition suffered a severe loss to Mathoura 39-81. (P Humbert lost to P Lewis 18-27; K Palmer l.t. B Murray 11-23; P MacFarlane l.t. J Chalmers 10-31).

In the weekend pennant competition division two managed to overcome a persistent Mathoura 69-63 with two rink wins. (J Harris l.t. J Hulm 16-28; G Turner d. M Lewis 22-16; R Shawcross d. B Murray 31-19).

At City of Echuca, division four lost all rinks to lower their colors in a 72-84 loss. Two teams lost by one single shot. (N Haines lost to J Hollowood 25-26; P Collins l.t J Aitken 23-33; B Musgrove l.t. G Ryan 24-25).

On the premiership ladders, division two regain fourth position, division four dropped to fifth place while the women remain in fourth position.

Several members played the Calivil Pairs on Sunday - no results to hand at the time of print.

Members enjoyed the Friday evening barbeque and practice. The members draw favoured the missing link — Don Isgro.


Midweek pennant saw division two beat Lockington 81-39 at Mathoura.

In weekend pennant, division one lost to Deniliquin 53-76 at Deniliquin.

Division two lost to Lockington 63-69 at home.

Division four lost to Ky Valley View 72-84 away.

Club championships

Men’s singles 25Up: L. Vallance d S. Limbrick, D. Murray d B. Papworth.

Mixed pairs: R. and M. Murphy d K. Heap/R. Werner.

Social bowls, Sunday, November 12, 2017. Mathoura monthly mixed pairs, 2x4x2.

1pm Start, bowls attire please. Entries to R. Werner (0408 568 338) or the club (5880 3200).


Moama weekend pennant teams almost completed a clean sweep this Saturday with wins in all rinks across five grades minus one rink loss in division one.

A brilliant effort and it ensures going into Christmas all five grades would be close to the top of their respective ladders.

Very strong victories from midweek pennant division one and three see both sides well in front of the chasing packs. Division 2 will be looking for better performances as the season progresses.

Indoor bowls

Sunday, November 5 - Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Ina Height, Maurie Orchard and Pat Nash. Runners-up: Hanna Lutz, Pat Benson, Colin Hicks and Joy Hooper.

Thursday, November 2 - Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Ina Height, Colin Hicks, Kelly Orchard and Joan Heals. Runners-up: Mike Barkham, Bev Williamson, Pat Benson and Peter Pavone.

Tuesday, October 31 - Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Joyce Selkrig, Colin Hicks and Ron Hooper. Runners-up: Lyn McVicker, A. Haw, Maurie Orchard and Peter Pavone.

Outdoor Bowls:

Sunday, November 5 - Roast Mixed Pairs: Winners: Lois Barbary and Dudley Kaine. Runners-up: Heather Bakof and Barry Barbary.

Thursday, November 2 - Mens Pairs: Winners: Stuart Sutton and John Kiely. Runners-up: Greg Pettigrove and Graham O’Brien. Consolation: Kevin Connolly and Ron Jones, Mike Holmes and Rob Young.

Thursday, November 2 - Ladies Scroungers: Winners: Mary Kaine. Runners-up: Susan Abraham. Consolation: Shirley Riters, Irene Lacis, Aileen Shaw.

Tuesday, October 31 - Alby Matthews Triples: Winner: Ray Sullivan and Ron Ritchie. Runners-up: Graeme Iredell, Noel Milgate and Rob Wastell. Consolation: John Kiely, Allan Buzza and Greg Pettigrove and Mike Shoreland, Tom Porter and Stuart Sutton.

Tuesday, October 31 - Ladies Social: Winners: Mary Kaine and Laurelle Smith. Runners-up: Lyn Rogan and Kristy Gillingham. Consolation: Rhonda Solomon, Heather Bakof, Jeanette McDonald, Irene Lacis.

Friday’s midweek pennant round six teams

Division one (away vs Rochester): L. Smith, M. Young, S. Connolly, M. Stephenson (s); M. Spizer, L. Williams, B. Trengove, B. Eddy (s), L. Jones, M. Brennan, M. Rehe, M. Roberts (s)

Division two (away vs Rochester): I. Lacis, G. Bailey, S. Abraham, D. Armstrong (s); L. Barbary, J. McDonald, D. Hogan, K. Gillingham (s); C. Doherty, M. Meulenkamp, P. Leibhardt, L. Rogan (s).

Division three vs (away vs Ky Valley View): P. Holmes, K. Brennan, E. Milgate, C. Ritchie (s);M. Kaine, C. Butcher, A. Matchett, B. Bell (s).

Saturday’s weekend pennant round six teams

Division one (home vs Deniliquin): G. Pettigrove, G. Dorward, M. Chaplin, B. Brennan (s); B. Davie, A. Bailey, K. Brennan, S. Barker (s); R. Bunting, J. Hogan, A. Birch, M. Liverton (s).

Division two (away vs Lockington): K. Connolly, R. Allen, J. Rankin, B. Trengove (s); P. Broom, G. Johnston, B. Cuttriss, L. Saunderson (s); K. Young, W. Stephenson, M. Holmes, R. Young (s).

Division three (away vs Deniliquin): K. Maynard, D. Alden, N. Bamford, A. Jones (s); A. Buzza, D. Blackburn, J. McGowan, I. McGregor (s); N. Bullard, G. Iredell, N. Milgate, B. O’Connell (s).

Division four (home vs Ky Valley): K. Sipthorp, R. Jones, F. Darazs, R. Sullivan (s); I. Smith, J. Shaw, P. Walton, W. Wadge (s); J. Kiely, S. Plowman, D.Kaine, B. Barbary (s).

Division five (home vs Deni Blue): B. Curnow, P. Bell, J. Kirkpatrick, R. Ritchie (s); D. Lonnie, B. Hill, A. McQuarie, S. Sutton (s).

City of Echuca

There were mixed results for City of Echuca teams in last week’s pennant matches.

The midweek sides played in some close games but weren’t able to secure any victories.

The division one white side played Deniliquin in a close battle, but eventually the visiting Deniliquin bowlers finished well to gain the win.

Jean Fairchild and her team of Norma Hall, Lynn Snell and Leica Roney won their game by six shots.

The Echuca Blue team competed strongly against Moama but just fell short.

Joan Moss, Heather Trotter, Cec Moss and Ann Vanderkley played well to win by nine shots.

The division three side lost on both rinks in its match against Deniliquin.

Three of the five divisions scored victories in the weekend matches.

Division one was pushed all the way by Tongala but eventually won by 14 shots, with two winning rinks.

Division two travelled to Deniliquin and despite having two winning rinks, was not able to secure the win, losing by just three shots.

Division three continued good form and defeated Tongala by 24 shots, with all three rinks winning.

Division four played against Lockington at home, and won by 12 shots.

Division five had a tough battle against Elmore and wasn’t able to secure a winning rink.

Results: Monday, October 23 - mixed triples: Winners: John Brown, Alma Payne and John Simpson. Runners-up: Jim Thomas, Jan Cowley and Lynn Snell.

Thursday, October 26 - mens pairs: Winners: Tony Deenen and John Hollowood. Runners-up: Jim Thomas and Peter OBrien. Vouchers: Ray Milne, Col Berryman, John Brown and Noel West.

Thursday, November 2 - mens pairs: Winners: Peter and Keith Tinning. Runners-up: John Elliott and Maurie Hateley. Vouchers: John Brown, Noel West, Alan Clement and Garth Wiffen.

Fridays midweek pennant round six teams

Division one white (home vs Rich River): M. Cunnington (s), R. Gallagher, K. Evans, L. Brown; J. Fairchild (s), L. Roney, L. Snell, N. Hall; R. Opie (s) L. Beattie, C. Egan, J. Palmer.

Division one blue (home vs Deniliquin): M. Shearer (s), E. McGowan, L. Robson, A. Vanderkley; S. Glasser (s), H. Pitts, M. Malone, R. Neil; J. Moss (s), E. Thomas, J. Armstrong, J. Cowley.

Division three (home vs Rich River): B. Johns (s), J. Blaser, B. Chong, V. Balfour; L. Ormando (s), F. Spiers, M. Houlter, R. Hyland.

Saturdays weekend pennant round six teams

Division one (away vs Deni RSL): G. Beattie (s), G. Halden, M. Evans, D. Portwine; P. Thorn (s), S. Cunnington, I. Hicks, W. Brooks; G. Page (s), B. Reiner, S. Glasser, J. Dinsdale.

Division two (home vs Tongala): J. Thomas (s), J. O’Brien, T. Deenen, C. Taylor; T. Egan (s), E. Blampied, R. Milne, C. Berryman; J. Brown (s) I. Whiting, L. Whyte, B. Toll.

Division three (home vs Deni RSL): B. Cook (s), T. Hawley, L. Snell, B. Palmer; C. Moss (s), M. Bennett, L. Brown, G. Tarrant; N. West (s), J. Ferrier, J. Blair, P. Phyland.

Division four (away vs Tongala): J. Aitken (s), J. Moss, T. Rickard, S. McCarthy; J. Hollowood (s), K. McAsey, E. Smith, J. Catanese; G. Irish (s), K. McGowan, W. McPoyle, B. Pratt.

Division five (home vs Deni RSL): D. Peck (s), L. Ormando, J. Cowan, A. Blaser;

C. Walker, B. Charman, J. Kelly, A. Vanderkley.

Rich River

Wednesday, November 1 - Jackpot pairs: Winners: Merv Harvey and Eugene Xodo.Runners-up: Hugh Davies and Bob Pratt. Third: John Stuart and Neville Brereton. Repechage: Neil Faulkhead and Barry Brewster.

Saturday’s weekend pennant round six teams:

Division one (away vs Tongala): B. Devlin (s), T. Nagorcka, J. Shaw, K. Martin; M. Harvey (s), T. Noar, G. Moffat, E. Xodo; R. Taylor (s), M. Kosch, R. Ritchie, P. Moon.

Division two (home vs Deniliquin): M. Bidgood (s), R. King, A. French, R. Brereton; N. Dixon (s), D. Wood, G. Clymo, H. Davies; I. Page (s), R. Holmfield, G. Devlin, L. Sharp.

Division three (home vs Tongala): R. Bentley (s), R. Berryman, F. Perissinotto, G. Rayner; B. ONeale (s), W. Stiles, B. McEwan, N. Brereton; V. Woods (s), J, James, K. Robertson, A. Linquist.

Division four (away vs Lockington): J. Exton (s), J. Stuart, R. Thomas, B. Wheeler; M. Kerr (s), G. Kiefel, J. Trevena, J. Hewlett; B. Kelly (s), G. Edgar, M. Mitchell, L. Phillips.

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