Sheep report

June 19, 2017

Adam Dellwo from the property Mookara with his top sale crossbred lambs that were sold by Elders Rural for $178.

The first winter sale saw a lift in supply of lambs and a modest rise in sheep at Deniliquin saleyards on Tuesday.

There were 3762 sheep and lambs yarded in total.

The quality varied from good to average for the crossbred lambs, some drafts of Merino lambs varied from good to plain, with the sheep a mixed yarding consisting of most weights and grades, the majority medium to heavy mutton on offer.

Most of the usual buyers attended as they operated in a market with most lamb sales from firm to $4 cheaper and the sheep prices did vary from unchanged to $2 per head lower on light and medium weight mutton.

Some heavier crossbred ewes came back from $10 up to $20 in places on last fortnight.

Merino lambs reached $155 as the better covered portion of medium weight Merino lambs sold from $128 to $134 and lighter lots made from $109 to $130.

Restocker activity was limited but did purchase lambs for $106, Merino lambs for $131 and Merino ewes for $122.

Light trade weight two score lambs made from $115 to $135, to average 650c/kg carcass weight.

Medium trade weight two and three score lambs made from $120 to $148 and heavier drafts sold from $151 to $160, making from 600c to 673c to average 645c/kg cwt.

Heavy three and four score lambs sold from $161 to the market top of $178 and hoggets sold from $128 to $156.

Medium weight two and three score sheep sold from $111 to $144.

Merino ewes in full wool with extra skin value helped prices with the ewe Merino mutton averaging close to 500c/kg cwt.

Heavy crossbred ewes made from $133 to $170 as the rams of all breeds sold from $100 to $144.

Top sales: Lambs – Mookara, $178; PC Crossley & Co, $174; Oakwood Partners, $173 & $172; RW & DM Norris, $171.

Hoggets – J & V Gatacre, $156; James Dudley, $155; PC Crossley & Co, $155.

Sheep – J Mailler, $170; G & S Lehman, $170; M & C Bull, $164.

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