Club thrilled with kind donation

By Meg Saultry

Benalla’s LG Boxing Club’s facilities will receive a boost after the Freemasons Foundation of Victoria along with Marangan Lodge Benalla presented the club with a cheque for $6000 to assist in providing toilet facilities for their members.

Located at the old railway shed in Railway Place, the boxing club has no existing facilities, with the donation set to enable the club to secure a portable toilet block for its members and their families who attend the club.

Marangan Lodge Benalla secretary Ray Schintler said it was a discussion with Len Griffith last year that allowed this idea to blossom between the two organisations.

‘‘I’ve known Len for about 40 years and was aware of his club and what he’s trying to do for the youth of Benalla,’’ Schintler said.

‘‘They were looking for funding to provide toilet facilities, and the Freemasons Foundation has community grants available to each lodge in the state.’’

The boxing club has been running for more than 30 years — in various places — and with about 40 members across all ages, it continues to be an invaluable organisation to Benalla’s rich sporting community.

‘‘Len’s been boxing for all that time. He’s really passionate about his organisation,’’ Schintler said.

‘‘And the kids thrive on it. I was really impressed by their attitudes.’’

The new facilities for the club are still in its planning stage, but with funding now sorted, it won’t be long until the ready-made facilities are installed.