Turtles safely relocated

By Robert Muir

A large quantity of native wildlife in the last undisturbed pond within Rutherglen’s Lake King remodeling area has been relocated.

Over 200 short and long-neck turtles have been safely relocated into a newly remodelled and water-filled section of Lake King to the south of the island.

Sixteen mature yellow belly fish were also caught and relocated to join the Victorian Fisheries Authority breeding program in support of future stocking activities. 

Dozens of smaller yellow belly were also caught and relocated into the new ponds at Lake King.

“This very successful relocation will allow civil earthworks to be completed on the remodeling of the western end of Lake King to progress the overall project closer to completion,” an Indigo Shire Council spokesperson told The Free Press. 

The catch and re-locate program was jointly undertaken by Victorian Fisheries Authority, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and Indigo Shire Council’s civil works contractor and project manager.