Extra-curricular addition a winner

By Ivy Jensen

MATHOURA Public School is benefiting from the addition of an extra-curricular teacher this year.

Rachael Flett joins the teaching staff as part of the Rural Experience Program, which allows permanent teachers to take up short-term placements in rural or remote schools throughout NSW.

Spanish, cooking and gardening, robotics and virtual reality classes provided by Mrs Flett have already proven popular among students, while other extra-curricular opportunities available include drama, debating, public speaking and ceramics.

‘‘It is a wonderful professional opportunity for me to be able to teach across such a range of educational focuses, but also great for the students to have access to these extra-curricular programs that may not be provided in the normal classroom setting due to curriculum demands,’’ Mrs Flett said.

‘‘There are so many things happening at Mathoura Public School, the student curriculum is very full and diverse – this surprised me coming into a small school.

‘‘It is however a welcome surprise and I have found it wonderful to see all the opportunities that are given to the students here at Mathoura.’’

Mrs Flett has a wealth of teaching experience and has proven to be a real asset to the school community.

Teaching to small groups of six to eight students at a time is vastly different to her experiences teaching in China and throughout Sydney.

‘‘The thing that I really like about teaching at a small school is that I know all students by name and, accordingly, have been able to develop a rapport with students individually,’’ she said.

‘‘Previously having taught in such large school environments, this hasn’t been possible.

‘‘Further, it gives me the opportunity to individualise my teaching.’’

Students achieving at elevated levels of learning are also benefiting from Mrs Flett who is providing tailored support and extension opportunities in literacy and numeracy.

‘‘Our students are extremely fortunate to be able to access so many additional extra-curricular activities in a small school setting and to be enriched with so many quality learning experiences,’’ Mathoura Public School principal Janice Eddy said.