Student learns working lesson

By Riverine Herald

A BEACON careers day was the answer to my problem of working out where I wanted to do my work experience this year.

I had tried for a few spots in Kyabram but they were either full or did not take students.

But at Beacon the Ky Free Press was speaking and with support from our career instructor, who knew I had an interest in journalism, I got an opportunity with the Riverine Herald – and I jumped at it.

My first day ‘on the job’ was Monday June 24 and after introductions to the staff the group editor sat me down and ran through what was coming up for the week ahead.

I then joined senior writer Ivy Jensen and we went to The Carriages spa retreat near Rochester to do an interview about a new show pilot called Champagne On A Beer Budget with a couple who had been My Kitchen Rules contestants this year.

I shot some B rolls for the digital TV show The Lead while she did some interviews and took some photos.

That afternoon I was asked to do the Reflections column, which means going into the paper’s archives to find interesting snippets from papers as far back as 50 years ago.

The next few days were observing, writing small stories and doing errands.

After finishing Reflections, I helped edit some Lead episodes and then spent some time transcribing interviews which covered topics on the Moama police station, a girl named Ivy being invited to some finals for ballet and a girl going to Russia to learn about trade skills.

As well as starting work on this story I also went to the Highside Motorbike Store to shoot some photos of some of the contestants heading off to compete in the Hattah desert race.

Friday was my final day – I am finishing this report as well as taking photos of families with new-born babies.

I started the week with Ivy and did my last job of the week with her, doing photos and videos of the babies.

After getting all the baby material I wrote up the paragraphs for each family and then finished this story.

It was the most relaxed day of the week but was, like all the other days, a good time.

Overall my week at the Riverine Herald was fantastic and I would recommend it to any student who is doing work experience.

I’ve met and interacted with great people and had a wide variety of tasks to keep it interesting and new.

I thank the people at the Riv for having me there and being kind and/or supportive.

Work experience isn’t just a way to build skills, it’s a way to better define the path of your career, whether the experience was good or bad.