The music lives on

By Riverine Herald

BEHIND their songs, the road to success in the music industry is usually a long and thankless one.

But when the right notes come together to make a catchy melody, the perfect words are penned and the two intertwine without fault, the outcome is nothing short of magic.

Throughout the eight-year history of the Riverboats Music Festival, the who’s-who and fast up-and-comers of the industry have taken to the Aquatic Reserve stage.

This year, not only did we interview the artists and deliver you weekly articles on each act for four months, we wrote, recorded, edited and produced a podcast episode with each performer.

From the creators of Throw Your Arms Around Me and Khe Sahn, to the artists to watch by some of Australia’s most acclaimed music critics, our Riverboats podcast series allows you to meet the musicians responsible for shaping your music — past, present and future.

Listen to our conversations with Josh Cunningham from The Waifs, Tex Perkins, Mark Seymour, Glenn Richards of Augie March, Don Walker, Jen Cloher, Willy Zygier, Fraser A. Gorman, Gabriella Cohen, Fem Belling from The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Leah Senior and our very own Benny Walker.

Episode one of the series opens with our interview with Riverboats MC Brian Nankervis. Listen as he opens up about his breakthrough into the entertainment industry, his fame with RockWiz and which artists you should be tuning in to.

The series closes with festival director David Frazer who literally lives and breathes the Riverboats Music Festival.

As you listen, you will find out how David became involved in the festival was simply a case of who you know.

Head to riverineherald.com.au/@podcasts and discover so much more about the artists and the festival you know and love.