Saints reserves on top

By Southern Riverina News

Berrigan’s reserves have gone a game ahead on top of the Picola & District League ladder after dismantling Strathmerton by 50 points at Berrigan Sports Ground on Saturday.

The Saints controlled the game from start to finish not allowing the Dogs to score a goal until the last quarter.

The demolition men up forward this week were Andrew Hawkins and Gerald Towler who kicked three each.

Adam Way took out best afield honours, Stu Pyle and Steve Morgan were their usual dependable selves down back while the wiley Tyson Marett picked off any loose balls on his beloved flank.

Matt Heazlewood was also effective up forward as was coach Damon Ferguson who snuck onto the ground and kicked a classy junk time goal showing that he still has a few tricks.

Final score, Berrigan 9.5 (59) to Strathmerton 1.3 (9).

The Saints fourths were unable to overcome second placed Strathmerton, going down by 47 points.

Berrigan came out of the blocks firing with Matt Whelan attacking the ball hard in the first five minutes.

The ball was in the home side’s forward line but Berrigan couldn’t convert to a goal.

In the second quarter Hamish Cameron played a superb game and was the Saints’ first goal scorer lining up from 35 metres out.

Darcy Pyle played his usual tough game and was putting the pressure on the opposition and being a great option for his team.

Jack Steel put Berrigan’s second goal on the board early in the third and the Saints were in with a chance.

A great display of pressure in defence in the last five minutes of the third by Xavier Fox, Caleb Thornton and Zac Ferguson saw Berrigan trail by just 20 points.

The home side lost their momentum in the last quarter but the signs are there that they can compete against the best.

Final score, Strathmerton 8.13 (61) to Berrigan 2.2 (14).

In ideal conditions for footy the young fifths played a great game against a strong Strathmerton line-up.

The young Saints are building on their skills and improving every week.

Awards: BFNC Canteen Award - Lachlan Whelan; Amy Baxter Chocolates - Farron Urrutain; Haintz Concreting Chocolates - Lloyd Diener.