Chaplin enters Hall of Fame

By Southern Riverina News


The highlight of the week was the Murray Bowls Division presentation of trophies event held at Barooga Golf last Sunday.

Life Member of Murray Bowls Division and his own Finley club Mick Chaplin was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This honour was in recognition of Chaplin’s contribution to bowls.

He has served his club as a director for 33 years, and president for 12 terms.

In addition to this, Chaplin was president of Central Murray Association and president of the former Group 5 of Victorian Bowls in 1986.

He is credited as serving in these positions in a direct, fair and dedicated manner.

There are many bowlers who have received tuition and guidance when commencing playing bowls.

Chaplin was a qualified coach for many years and gave his time freely to those seeking help.

Being a national umpire for 32 years, his services were used at many surrounding clubs when needed.

His expertise, experience and knowledge of the rules qualified him to officiate as a marker at the Australian Open in 2009.

Chaplin was a vital part of the club’s match committee and ruled this committee with authority.

He had no peers in presenting tournaments, highlighted by punctuality, co-ordination of helpers and delegating duties to advantage.

It wasn’t all work as he was a leading player through his career and club champion in 1987 as well as winning many other championships and tournaments.

Of special mention is that he and Ellis Thornton reached the final four in the Victorian Pairs Championship in 2003.

In 2018, Elaine Chaplin was inducted into the Hall of Fame and now with Mick receiving the same honour, it highlights the part the family has played in promoting and administering the game of bowls.

Also inducted was former player Ken Rogers, who left the district some time ago but is well known by the senior players.

Trophy winners from Finley were Nan Smith – Champion of Champions; Heather Tabe and Tracey Miles – Ladies Pair runners-up.

Sunday morning bowls was won by Robert and Bob Poore. Consolation prize to Graham Radford. This event will continue when conditions are suitable.

Raffle roster officials this week are Laurie Walsh and Don Mckellar.


The winter round robin continued this week with some interesting results.

Hardy Rennick broke through for a couple of wins, Joe Cottam had his first win in the event and Geoff Blake won three games to move up the leaderboard. Play will continue next weekend.

Results from last week were as follows:

Round 1: Joe Cottam 7 d Kura Goldsmith 5.

Round 5: Roger Reynoldson 6 d Kura Goldsmith 5.

Round 6: Geoff Blake 10 d Katie Vandermeer 4.

Round 10: Katie Vandermeer 4 drew Hardy Rennick 4

Round 11: Katie Vandermeer 8 d Joe Cottam 5.

Round 13: David Reynoldson 7 d Katie Vandermeer 5; Geoff Blake 11 d Joe Cottam 2.

Round 15: Mary Curtin 7 d Janice Graham 5; David Reynoldson 7 d Geoff Blake 5.

Round 17: Louis Commins 8 d Katie Vandermeer 3.

Round 18: Bill Daly 11 d Geoff Blake 4.

Round 20: Katie Vandermeer 19 d Janice Graham 1; David Reynoldson 11 d Joe Cottam 2.

Round 21: Roger Reynoldson 9 d Hardy Rennick 5.

Round 22: Geoff Blake 12 d Janice Graham 5; Hardy Rennick 7 d Bill Daly 4.

Round 23: Hardy Rennick 10 d Louis Commins 6.

Round 28: Mary Curtin 7 drew Katie Vandermeer 7; Roger Reynoldson 7 d Louis Commins 5.

Round 29: Bill Daly 12 d Louis Commins 3.

Berrigan sent two teams to the Commercial Club Bowls Classic in Albury.

The team of Rick Bradbury, Paul Glanvill and Matt Hansen finished in 23rd place out of 92 entries with five wins, a draw and a loss.

The other team of David Woodward, Neville Burke and Mick Bush were not quite as successful but competed hard all weekend.