Rushworth man to be sentenced for assault

By Kyabram Free Press

A RUSHWORTH man is to be sentenced for a series of serious assaults committed in the town last year.

Caleb Ramadan, 19, last week faced the Shepparton County Court, in front of Judge William Stuart, over the offending.

Ramadan had earlier pleaded guilty to two charges of intentionally causing injury, two charges of reckless conduct endangering serious injury, one charge of making a threat to kill and two charges of intentionally damaging property.

Prosecutor Andrew Moore told the court about 9.30pm on June 9 last year, Ramadan and a co-accused arrived at the home of another man, who had invited him there.

After a brief altercation, Ramadan and his co-accused left, but returned about three hours later.

The court heard the co-accused punched the victim multiple times, while Ramadan was armed with a Swiss army knife that he held by his side.

Mr Moore said the victim got up and Ramadan repeatedly hit him to the face.

The victim suffered facial injuries, including swelling and bruising to his left eye, nose and cheekbone, and bled from his nose and mouth.

Mr Moore said about 7.30pm on July 24, Ramadan returned to the same address with the same co-accused and again assaulted the same victim from the previous incident.

Before Ramadan and his co-accused left, Ramadan told the victim: ‘‘Don’t even think about going to the police, I hope you remember this flogging.’’

Mr Moore said the victim pretended to be unconscious and the offenders left.

The victim suffered multiple facial injuries and was taken to hospital, but checked himself out before any scans were done.

Later in the night, Ramadan, his co-accused at the prior assault and another man were at another address in Rushworth when they became embroiled in an altercation with two other men.

The court heard the two accused were in possession of unknown items in their hands when they approached one of the men, who picked up a wood splitter to protect himself.

Several minutes later, Ramadan and a co-accused returned to the address, arming themselves with knives, with the accused stating to one of the victims ‘‘we are going to kill you’’ and ‘‘we are going to gut you’’.

Ramadan and a co-accused later damaged a vehicle belonging to one of the victims, denting panels and smashing windows.

During the altercation, Ramadan splashed the two victims with petrol and the vehicle they had damaged earlier was later set on fire before being extinguished with a garden hose.

Defence counsel Julien Lowy provided a written submission to Judge Stuart yesterday for consideration.

The court heard Ramadan’s two co-accused during the offending have had their cases finalised in the Magistrates’ Court jurisdiction.

Ramadan was assessed for a community corrections order.