You will want to Schnapp this one up

By Lachlan Durling

IF YOU’RE looking for a distinguished gentleman, look no further than Schnappy.

The 10-and-a-half year old Labrador Kelpie cross had boundless energy in his heyday and still has the enthusiasm of a spritely young lad.

Schnappy is just as comfortable lazing about the house as he is snooping around the yard or strolling down the street, meeting the locals with his new owner.

He was a stray who is now up for adoption and is looking for a relaxing home to retire to where he can become part of the furniture in a loving home.

He is eager to make a good first impression and is trained to respond to basic commands.

While Schnappy may be young at heart, his age may soon be catching up with him, as he may require veterinary treatment for diseases of old age such as arthritis and heart disease.

However he is cuurently fit as a fiddle and is ready to shower his new owner with affection, Schnappy is available for adoption from the Campaspe Animal Shelter for $177.

If you would like to meet Schnappy or any of the other dogs available, visit or call 54803005.