Make a meal of a mealworm, crunch on a cricket or carve up a cockroach

By Riverine Herald

IF YOU want to get a seat at the most remarkable meal likely to be served in the twin towns, time is running out.

On Saturday Junction Moama will present Buggin’ Delicious and listed on the menu will be your choice for Tyrant ants, mealworms, crickets and, the piece de resistance, cockroaches.

Chef Dave Palmer is working overtime to complete the menu, he has even cast his eye around to see if it needed supplementing, with a stick insect or the odd scorpion.

But in the end he has opted for his original choices and will have them ready for the lunch of a lifetime on Saturday next week.

Whichever way you look at it, Dave guarantees it will be Buggin’ Delicious.

“I admit I’ve never worked with insects – or mini livestock as the new generation of breeders call their produce – so it will be as novel for me as it will for our diners,” Dave said.

“We will be putting on a four-course dinner so yes, you get the cockies whether you planned to order them or not,” he laughed.

“Our star guests for Buggin’ Delicious will be from South Australia and Queensland and Junction’s mixologist will be matching drinks with each course and will take you on a journey into the world of insects.

“You will also discover why they are so important to the diversity of the food we enjoy now and could be the food of the future.

“This is no ordinary meal! You’ll get up close and personal with some amazing mini-beasts and come away feeling pretty stoked for being at the forefront of sustainable locavore eating.”

Buggin’ Delicious will be held at Junction Moama on March 16 from 12pm-3pm. For tickets go to