That which we call a rose, by any other name would be called Tom

By Riverine Herald

EVERY morning, Glanville Village resident Tom Shepherd makes his way down the street to brighten everyone’s day.

He makes his way to the supermarket, purchases a dozen roses and proceeds to present them to passers-by, shop employees around town or anyone he sees.

‘‘It all started when I was at the supermarket a while back and saw how hard the trolley ladies worked,’’ Tom said.

Ever since then, the 77-year-old has continued to spark joy wherever he can.

‘‘I always save a few for the nurses who look after me, I just want to brighten someone’s day,’’ he said.

Echuca’s Tyler Hudson said Tom has been a regular in his shop, Cotton On, and always brings happiness.

‘‘Tom has been rolling into my shop nearly every day for the past several months,’’ Tyler said.

‘‘He’ll often give them to the girls in my shop... he just enjoys trying to brighten someone’s day, and that brings me joy. I wish there were more people in the world like Tom.’’

Tom has travelled all around Australia in his time, but has resided in Echuca, and everyone is glad that he has.

Keep an eye out for Tom when you’re out doing your morning shopping.

Alex Gretgrix