A Bindi you want stuck to your heel

By Riverine Herald

BEAUTIFUL two-year-old Bindi is your typical Greyhound — a 70km/h couch potato.

Greyhounds enjoy running in short bursts but the rest of the time they are content to laze around.

And Bindi is no different. Her idea of a great time is lying on your couch (or bed) and getting all the attention you have to give.

She will also enjoy daily walks, which must be on a lead at all times (even in off-lead parks).

Owning a greyhound is a wonderful experience; as they are quite a special breed.

Bindi has not had any formal training so obedience training is recommended.

This will help her learn how to socialise with other dogs and people under controlled conditions and will help her learn tricks and strengthen the bond with her new family.

Bindi will sure be a pawsome companion for any sized family.

If you would like to meet her or find out more, contact the Campaspe Animal Shelter.

Adoption fee is $355.