Psychic has seen it all

By Riverine Herald

IF YOU’RE unsure about what the future holds, Maria Campbell can help.

The psychic medium and clairvoyant is coming to town tomorrow and Friday to do readings and help locals who may be unsure what direction their life is taking.

Maria began learning at age three, taught by her father how to be ‘in tune’ with people.

‘‘I grew up in the outback in Wilcannia, my father was a stockman and he trained me since I was very young,’’ she said.

‘‘He was a very cautious man and a very clever man, so I learnt from the best.

‘‘He taught me to come into tune, to read people’s eyes, how they walk and how they talk. Now, I can be in the shower or out in the yard and something (a vision) will come over me.’’

For Maria, her predictions come in the form of sounds, smell, pictures and more. And while she was on the phone said she could hear and see predictions for the town.

‘‘I can hear the smashing of glass, I feel there is going to be an increase of theft in town and a tragedy in a river before Christmas,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m also hearing a lot of arguments, the slamming of doors and people losing their temper in local government in town — no one is making their mind up or communicating properly.

‘‘But there will also be good news. In the next 12-18 months an industry will be moving to town and lifting spirits, they’re already looking to purchase land.

‘‘And I’m seeing an ordination in the coming years, it’s a few years away yet but a local will become a priest or similar, they’ll be a hard worker who wants to change things — and they’ll succeed.’’

Maria has been on radio and countless newspapers and magazines for her predictions, and in one instance, predicted that a radio presenter’s life would be shaken.

‘‘I could see the earthquake in Newcastle (the 1989 event), I told the presenter he would have half a house afterwards and he wouldn’t be home when it happened,’’ she said.

‘‘Sure enough, when it happened he was off visiting family in Orange and when he got back, he only had half a house.

‘‘Mind you, he called me at 6am to tell me I was correct.’’

And for those who may be shaking their heads and are sceptical about her claims, she has a simple mantra.

‘‘We are who we are and I’ve got to accept who I am,’’ she said.

‘‘People aren’t really sceptical, they’re curious. When you look behind what they’re saying it’s a curious nature — they’re bewildered because they’re not sure how it works.

‘‘(Being a spiritual medium) is an important thing to do, they’re there to help our Earth life.’’

■Maria is in town tomorrow and Friday for hourly consultations. To organise a time, call 0427569339.