Speedway under microscope

By Riverine Herald

AFTER several near-misses and minor incidents, Murray River Council is exploring actions to improve conditions for pedestrians along Merool Rd, Moama — focusing on the intersections of River Gums Dve and Perricoota Rd.

At its ordinary meeting on Tuesday, council was presented with an update on investigations into the site following concerns of potential incidents with school children and traffic in the area.

“Due to the ongoing accelerated rate of development occurring in western Moama, the intersections of Merool Rd and Perricoota Rd must be investigated with a view to the future,” MRC mayor Chris Bilkey said.

“This involves coming up with the best long-term solutions to cater for traffic control and the safety needs of both pedestrians and other road users.”

Actions initiated to date:

■ Traffic counters were positioned near the intersections from March 28 to April 29 to monitor the flow of traffic and traffic conditions.

■ High speeds of several vehicles were detected, with police then notified.

■ Developers of Winbi Stages 4 and 5 were asked to install a bus stop in River Gums Dve, near the intersection of Sugargums Dve, to prevent children having to cross Perricoota Road to reach the bus-stop (near Merool and Perricoota Roads intersection). The developers anticipate this should take place within four to five months.

Councillor Tom Weyrich has been a major driver of the investigation and said the actions were a long time coming.

‘‘It’s been a contentious subject for many years but was brought to the fore when Merool Rd was discussed as a possible bridge route,’’ he said.

‘‘Since drivers were clocked driving 138km/h and 126km/h along the road, police are giving it more attention as well, and deservedly so.

‘‘Population is driving this and it’s getting to the point where we have to do something as a responsible council.’’

Council will continue to investigate the best option for intersection developments in the future at Merool and Perricoota roads, to alleviate unsafe conditions for both traffic and pedestrians.