Questions? God and the church have the answers

By Riverine Herald

HAVE you ever had that feeling where you wonder what on earth am I here for? Where is my life going? What’s the point of this life? Why do I feel so blah?

It’s like one day you are caught up in the rat race of life, running the kids to and from school, taking them to sports, going to work, taking time to exercise, and spending time with friends and family, but then seemingly out of nowhere a voice deep down inside pops up and interrupts you asking these annoying questions.

What if someone told us that there is such a thing as a “forties funk”.

That sometime in midlife it is normal to have feelings of dissatisfaction without any reason for that dissatisfaction.

Would that make you feel better? I know it did for me.

Over the summer holidays I read the book The Happiness Curve by Jonathan Rauch (2018).

While not the most inspiring thought, research shows that most people at some point in midlife will feel unhappy for no reason and will begin questioning their life.

But, the findings aren’t all depressing.

It turns out that one of the ways to help ease this funk is to be involved in community.

What sort of community it is doesn’t matter, the important thing is that it’s a place where you connect and support others on a personal level.

It will be a place that is safe. A place where you can be vulnerable. A place where there is no secrecy or shame.

To me, the church is that place. Not the building. But a group of people who gather together around a common interest. Jesus.

Now I know this would not be the case for most people, and why should it?

The church is a place where many people have felt hurt and rejection.

A place of judgement, fear and shame. A place that has been anything other than safe, you only need to look at recent headlines to know that.

But when the church is functioning the way God originally intended it to, the church is an amazing place. It is a place to belong. To love others. To find God.

It’s a place for the broken, not the “good” people. It’s a place to question and nut out the answers together. It’s imperfect, but it’s good.

So if you find yourself in a “funk” pondering the deep questions in life, why not take the plunge and check out one of the local churches in Echuca-Moama?

We’d love to get to know you.

Karina Bruffell

Epicentre Church