Sharing their views

By Seymour Telegraph

Students at Nagambie Primary School have been brushing up their persuasive writing skills.

Grace Le Deux, Archy Harrison and Campbell Baker penned a few reasons why they think you should fall in love with their favourite thing.

Art is for everyone

Art is amazing and for everyone because you don’t have to do it perfectly, even the most famous and expensive paintings aren’t perfect.

Another reason why I love art is because it is so cheap. You can go somewhere like your local $2 shop or the Reject Shop and get so much good quality stuff for a small amount of money.

Art is soothing and calming. If you have had a stressful day at work or school, you can simply do a painting and let all of your stressful feelings out. Art is my therapy.

— Grace

Cricket is the best sport

Cricket is the best sport because it can teach you a heap of things. It can teach you hand-eye co-ordination and proper technique. It can also teach you how to bowl, hit and catch a ball.

When you get chosen by the Australian cricket team, you can also learn to get along with people you don’t know. This encourages you to work and play as a team.

You can travel around the world visiting different countries and different people when you play cricket.

If you win a cricket match you could get paid lots of money.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.

You might be a bit scared out on the ground with thousands of people watching you, but just pretend no-one is there and you will be all right.

— Archy

Geelong Football Club is the best

I strongly believe Geelong is the best AFL club because they usually make finals and if they don’t, they are never outside the top 10, which is a good record.

Geelong has won nine grand finals, which is seventh in the AFL but there are 11 teams that have less grand finals than Geelong.

Geelong are one of the original AFL teams, so they are one of the most experienced.

— Campbell