Southern 80

The race’s records rewritten

By Andrew Johnston

FOR THE longest of times, finishing the 80 in under 30 minutes was considered to be impossible.

For a long time, under 35 was impossible to many.

It all changed in 2015 when Hellrazor smashed the record and retired on top with a time of 29 minutes and 43 seconds.

It was Mark Cranny’s final contribution in the greatest Southern 80 career of all.

From that day forward, the entire field would be chasing a shadow as long as the river itself.

In race 50, that would all change.

A historical day for the great race saw a great piece of history as not one boat — but two — made history.

TR obliterated the all time record by 21 seconds, while Arkham Asylum was just 13 seconds off Hellrazor’s time.

The Mistress — despite dealing with a speed cap — finished agonisingly close to the magic time with a 30.11.

It left a massive Southern 80 crowd sunned at witnessing the fastest race in history.