All set for a grand finale

By Fraser Walker-Pearce

THE scene is finally set for the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division’s weekend pennant big dance.

It has been a particularly long season, where round one began on October 6.

The season has featured a round that was held over to be played another week due to incomplete results, and heat rules which had to be tinkered with midway through the season. The grand finals were originally scheduled to be played on March 9.

After all that, the grand finals are finally upon us.

With all five divisions playing on the magnificent Moama Bowling Club greens on Saturday, City of Echuca and the home club, Moama, are set to do battle for divisions one and two.

In the top flight, Echuca have reached the final task the hard way, having lost to Moama two weeks prior in the semi-finals.

That meant Saturday’s match against the other semi-final winner, Tongala, decided Moama’s grand final opponents. After a lengthy battle where the lead changed hands multiple times, Echuca reached the surface 11 shots the better.

In division two it was the complete opposite — Moama had to do it the hard way after finishing the normal season with the minor premiers tag.

Taking on rivals Echuca in the first semi-final, the Victorian side claimed victory on that day, forcing Moama to defeat Deniliquin in Saturday’s preliminary final.

Both Moama and City of Echuca will look to continue their hot run of form set by their respective midweek pennant sides.

Division one was won by Echuca, defeating Moama 86-56, while division two went the other way, Moama defeating Rich River 89-47.

In fact, four of Saturday’s five grand finals feature a Moama side, while two Echuca sides will contest Moama in the top two divisions.

Rochester, Mathoura and Lockington fill the other three grand final berths. Play is scheduled to begin at 1.30pm.

CVBD weekend pennant preliminary finals:

Division one: Echuca defeated Tongala — Echuca v Moama final.

Division two: Moama defeated Deniliquin — Echuca v Moama final.

Division three: Moama defeated Deni RSL — Rochester v Moama final.

Division four: Lockington defeated Moama — Mathoura v Lockington final.

Division five: Deniliquin RSL defeated Elmore — Moama Red v Deniliquin RSL final.