Moama taking it to next level

By Andrew Johnston

MOAMA wants to be a club that provides opportunities for young players who love the game of football.

And two of their newest ventures will be key in 2019.

The club’s under 16 side is looking to give players the chance to have a crack at a higher level at stages of 2019, according to junior president Brad Langborne.

‘‘We are hoping to give the whole group a shot to regularly rotate through the under 17s during the season,’’ he said.

‘‘We are looking forward to getting the side out on the park in their own age group, but we’re also in the unique position where we can give them an opportunity to take that next step up.

‘‘Playing at a higher level expands their skills and makes them into better players, so by rolling the whole playing group through at different stages, hopefully they can get a taste of it and bring some skills back to the 16s.’’

Langborne said the club was still looking to add players to the 16s side as the season approached.

‘‘We’ve gone on a bit of a campaign to say to young players that if they want the opportunities, we are here,’’ he said.

‘‘With our numbers we can be that club for young players to get involved in the game and to have somewhere to play.’’

Moama also has high hopes for their new youth girls’ side, which will debut this season.

‘‘We have really good numbers,’’ he said.

‘‘We have a full group of 25, which is fantastic for the first season and we are really excited by the progress they have made.

‘‘The girls are eager to learn about the sport and how to get better, so we couldn’t be happier with how things are going.’’

The youth girls’ side is, however, looking for parents to take up match-day commitments such as goal umpiring and canteen duty through the season.

‘‘It’s something every club needs,’’ Langborne said.

‘‘We rely on the parents around clubs to help us get things going and help the day run smoothly.’’

Any interested players for under 16s or under 14s, or any parents who can help the club, are encouraged to contact the Moama Junior Football Club on Facebook, or president Brad Langborne on 0414 573 400.