HDFNL looks to change

By Riverine Herald

HEATHCOTE District Football and Netball League is looking to increase its footballing presence in 2020.

The competition has put the call out to women across the region, hoping to garner interest about a side to represent the league in the Central Victorian Football League Women’s competition.

The HD will run an event at the Elmore Football and Netball Club on Sunday, July 21 from 10-11am for potential players to have a kick and speak to representatives about their interest in playing.

All women over the age of 18 will be welcome to take part.

League general manager Jan Mannes said the competition was hoping to see a strong turnout at the event.

‘‘We’re hoping anyone who is thinking about playing football will be able to make it to the event on Sunday so we can get a strong idea of the interest in the region,’’ Mannes said.

Mannes said the league was looking to take the step in order to allow more access to the women’s game.

‘‘As a competition, we want to see as many people playing football as we can,’’ she said.

‘‘North Bendigo already has a side in the league, so we wanted there to be a chance for more women across our league to be involved. This gives them a chance to play the game, and we are excited for the prospect of a team.’’

While the team is still in its early stages, a strong turnout would increase the chances of a side entering the competition.

‘‘We had a really good response to the post on the Elmore Football and Netball Club’s Facebook, so we are hoping the number of people who see it will continue to increase and hopefully we can get a great showing on Sunday.’’