Pigeons produce “best performance”

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A very young Yarrawonga combination proved too strong for the North Albury Hoppers on Saturday.


North Albury Hoppers 3.2 6.4 9.5, 13.7 85

Yarrawonga Pigeons 4.1 9.4 16.6 25.9 159

Goals – North Albury Hoppers: Tylar Young 4, Ned McKeown 3, Ryan Polkinghorne 2, Sam Azzi 1, Isaac Muller 1, Clay Moscher- Thomas 1, Bradley Spurr 1. Yarrawonga Pigeons: Bailey Frauenfelder 8, Matthew Casey 3, William Gorman 3, Mitch Collins Bye 2, Ronan Pritchard 2, Xavier Leslie 2, Harrison Wheeler 1, Scott Oswald 1, Jack Sexton 1, Ned Mullins 1, Mark Whiley 1.

Best – North Albury Hoppers: Ned McKeown, George Goode, Isaac Muller, Clay Moscher-Thomas, Justin Bishop, Simon Hillier. Yarrawonga Pigeons: Mark Whiley, Bailey Frauenfelder, William Gorman, Xavier Leslie, Brayden Coburn, Scott Oswald.

The Pigeons, with two veterans, four mid twenty-year old’s and fifteen boys under twenty-two, played their best performance of the season so far.

Leading the way was Bailey Frauenfelder, playing up forward after being in defence for the early part of the season.

Frauenfelder who has been in the Bushrangers the past two seasons has come back to play finals for the Pigeons seniors, kicking goals and playing very well.

The Hopper defence had no answer to Frauenfelder, whose eight goals were kicked evenly throughout the four quarters.

Marking, scouting, crumbing goals from all angles was the order of the day, Frauenfelder did it all to the delight of the Pigeon supporters.

Another shining light was Matthew Casey playing at centre half forward and in the ruck.

Matt’s third quarter at centre half forward  was huge, taking seven big marks which were strong combative grabs.

In the absence of Brandon Symes, out for the season with a torn ACL injury, Casey delivered in the ruck and was very useful around the ground kicking three goals.

A very strong performance indeed.

With Symes missing, big David O’Dwyer was instilled as the leading ruckman.

In the Hopper camp was their coach and ruckman Isaac Muller, a very big and strong man.

These two had a very good battle in the hit outs all day with O’Dwyer being the more effective with his tapping of the ball to his midfielders.

The Pigeons were very fortunate at ground level that Matt Gorman, Will Gorman, Harry Wheeler, Mark Whiley and Jack Sexton were at their very best clearing the ball from stoppages all day.

In defence Beau Seymour, Tim McAuley and Billy Andrews were strong and reliable, Scott Oswald and Jess Koopman in defence offered plenty of run and delivered forward.

As you can see many players contributed for longer in this game. Many were inexperienced and young of age - all good things when putting a group together.

A mix of youth and experience together gives the Pigeons a great opportunity to build on this performance in the near future and there is no better time to follow up this performance than next Saturday at the Grove Oval against the Albury Tigers.

Chronicle Award: 5 - Bailey Frauenfelder, 4 – Matt Casey, 3 – Mark Whiley, 2 – Matt Gorman, 1 – Jess Koopman. 


North Albury 7.7.49 defeated by
Yarrawonga 10.10.70.

The words of Cat Stevens’ “Father and Son” could be heard reverberating around Bunton Park on Saturday as Craig and Austin Frauenfelder lined up next to each other in the goal square. 

Craig (3 goals) turned the clock back and played an inspired game up forward for Austin to get some pointers from.

The second 18 came away with a hard-fought win after fielding a vastly different side from the previous week. 

Injuries and unavailability meant that the team had to rely on three players from the under 18’s to play two games. 

The team jumped out to an early lead but lost Marcus Hargreaves to injury early in the game meaning that there were little to no rotations. 

The good start proved invaluable as North Albury came storming home in the second half.

Luke Congram and Isaac Byrne were both providing great targets on the forward line while Josh Tonna, Alex Kealy, Cam Byrne and Chris Wilson were rock solid behind the ball. 

Darcy Norman continues to play very good football and Tim Lawrence and Will Woodburn both ran hard all day.

Goals: Yarrawonga: Craig Frauenfelder 3, Isaac Byrne 2, Luke Congram 2, Timothy Lawrence 1, William (RS) Woodburn 1, Marcus Hargreaves 1.

North Albury: Daniel Jackson 2, Will Strauss 2, Bailey Burke 1, Jesse Kennet 1, Joshua Egan 1.

Best: Yarrawonga: Darcy Norman, Timothy Lawrence, Luke Congram, Alexander Kealy, Joshua Tonna, Christopher Wilson.

North Albury: Joel Roberson, Jesse Kennet, Daniel Jackson, Andrew McNeel, Mitchell Wadley, Jackson Casey.


North Albury 5.13. 43 defeated by
Yarrawonga 8.2.50. 

The 3rd XVIII head to the long weekend against Albury looking to establish a foot in the door for the 2019 U18 finals series. 

However, their performance will need to be much more consistent and at a higher level than shown on the weekend against North Albury if they are to do so. 

After a strong 1st quarter the U18s were largely outplayed for the remainder of the day in heavy conditions (which a number of players struggled to handle). 

Through the mid zone and forward, Max Hemphill has been building back up since his round 1 best on ground display and was a standout. 

Up forward Hayden Cartwright finished with three in a solid performance.  

Harry Meade feeling less than 100% worked hard as did his brother Jackson through the midfield. 

Goals: Yarrawonga: Max Hemphill 3, Hayden Cartwright 3, Tanner Nyholm 1, Harrison Meade 1.

North Albury: Jack Heriot 1, Will Maclean 1, Flynn Gardiner 1, Benjamin Collins 1, Aiden Pretious 1.

Best: Yarrawonga Pigeons: Max Hemphill, Hayden Cartwright, Hugh Fisher, Jackson Meade, Alex Byrne, Tylar Hemphill.

North Albury: Benjamin Collins, Tyler Roberson, Lachlan McIntosh, Lachlan Young, Aiden Pretious, Flynn Gardiner.

Awards: Yarrawonga Hotel - Max Hemphill, Wingates - Hayden Cartwright.