Tungamah Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade

Tungamah 32 def by Cobram 49

Tungamah got off to a slow start but had the determination to pick themselves up and get a score on the board. 

Zetta ran hard all game to make good position for the midcourters who had some great passes into the ring. 

Molly and Zetta worked the goal ring to create space. Abbey was tireless in defence getting lots of taps and intercepts. 

While Milly provided drive down the court allowing the play to flow seamlessly. 

There were great passages of play through with mid court with Ella, Ally, Sharnie and Vic working hard to get in front. 

The Bears went down by 17 goals in the end, in a great team effort.

Awards: Best On Court and Thyme for Coffee Award - Abbey Griffin, Judds Award - Zetta Kelly, Tungamah Hotel Award - Milly Kelly.

B Grade

Tungamah 25 def by Cobram 51

Training is paying off for the girls both with their fitness and game plan flowing through from start to finish. 

Although not a win for them, they can hold their heads high as they talked more, kept up the pressure, created space through the thirds but most importantly their laughter could be heard. The defense was great as well as the attacking of the ball and then feeding it down the thirds to the shooters who gave them opportunities to convert. 

A solid game girls, well done.

Awards: Judds - Cas Sampson, Brewit - Amy Griffith.

C Grade 

Tungamah 16 defeated by Cobram 51. 

A much-improved game this week. All players kept their heads high and there was great intensity at the ball for the whole game. 

Cobram got away to a quick start but there were some great passages of play. 

Every player gave the coach what she asked for. A wonderful team performance. 

Awards: Cellarbrations - Kait Megarrity, Brewit - Josie Nunn.

C Reserve 

Tungamah 24 def by Cobram 55

The ladies could taste the after-game drinks, very keen to get started and get over to ladies’ day. 

Kim and Sally did an excellent job considering the height difference and shooters that didn’t miss, they still managed to grab rebounds and intercepts.

Sally was very proud of her effort celebrating “yes” as she pulled in the ball from a contest. 

Stacie the sneaky assassin always being an option, great back up and out of nowhere intercepts. Vanessa “the meerkat” just a fingertip from cutting off the centre passes. 

Anna proving to be a versatile player, liking her in attack. 

Danielle keeping up with a fast opposition, not a single contact but a caution.

Thanks Katie for playing even though you hadn’t been well and scoring 16 of the teams 24 goals.

Sheryl had some interesting passes and catching styles, not sure if the crowd was watching netball or ballet. 

Thanks Penny for joining the Bears C Res again.

Well done girls the score didn’t reflect the team effort, lets keep improving.

Awards: Byramine Homestead and Brewery – Vanessa Piorek, Thyme for coffee café – Stacie Arnold and Kimberly Walker.

Under 17s

Tungamah 38 def Cobram 22

The first quarter was consistent and true to Tunga’s weekly start. But, as the game went on and more pressure was put on Cobram, the girls crept further away. 

Quick, strong passing by midcourt consisting of Ella Costigan, Chloe Charnstrom, Emma Walker and Ruby Wallden, had them attacking and intercepting the ball. 

They caused turnovers and their passes were consistently strong through the thirds. 

Use of the goal circle in and around the ring by the Tunga shooters Olivia Giggins and Chloe Laffan to their team mates on the circle and to each other gave them lots of opportunities to goal, which they did.

The defenders Penny Thomson and Grace Whitelock once again worked well together with their rebounding to win the ball and hold up play. 

Great win girls, good luck next week.

Awards: Ella Costigan - Judds, Chloe Laffan – McDonalds, Emma Walker – Subway.

Under 15s

Tungamah 33 def Cobram 11

The girls started off the game slow and took until half time to gel. 

Second half they started to convert turnovers into goals. Defence worked hard being too strong for Cobram with rebounds. 

The mid court drove well opening up the middle using their channels better. 

Attack end are really working well together causing a headache for opposition. 

Awards: Papalia’s Pizza - Piper Poll, Tungamah Shop - Jess Arnold, Subway - Frances Lonergan, McDonalds - Bella Lonergan.

Under 13s 

Tungamah 10 def by Cobram 31 

It was always going to be a tough game coming up against 3rd spot. 

The defenders were undersized by height but not by endeavour. They fought hard all game and didn’t drop their heads. 

The mid court creating good space and took lots of intercepts reading the ball well. 

The attackers moved the ball around the goal ring well putting up some great shots. 

The third quarter was the best with keeping Cobram to 1 goal while Tungamah shot 5. Great game.

Awards: McDonalds - Tamika Oliver, Crusty Loaf - Lily Spithil, Tungamah shop - Millie Dodd.

Under 11s 

Tungamah 9 drew with Cobram 9

What a great game of netball to watch with it being even at each quarter break. In warm conditions it was a team effort with every single player making space, re-leading, arms up defending and not giving up for the entire game. 

This made coach Deb’s decision for the weekly awards very difficult. 

Emily B and Elli were in defence and turned the ball over many times with high jumping and intercepts with Shylee working nonstop in C.

Lara and Alani worked really well in goals and found a way to play around much taller opponents. Molly, Emily C, Maddy and Chaye worked the midcourt and were able to move the ball up and down the court and help both the attacks and defence with turnovers and feeding into the ring.

Well done mini Bears.

Awards: Crusty Loaf: Alani Patterson, McDonalds: Shylee Brown, Subway: Elli Buerckner.