Tungamah Netball

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

A Grade 

Nathalia 45 defeated Tungamah 26. 

Going into this game the Tungamah girls knew they could have an opportunity to win, however Nathalia got the run on the Bears in the end. 

The game was filled with some great passages of play where the ball flowed from defence to the goalers, this was a result of the driving of Vic, Ella J and Ella C. This trio continued to run all over the court pressuring the ball when needed and passing the ball into space. 

The goalies continued to adapt to the changes made and continued to offer the feeders options. 

The defenders also persevered getting their hands to lots of balls and kept their talk up. 

While the Bears didn’t get the four points they continue to keep their heads-up week in and out and aim to continue to improve.

Awards: Best on Court and Thyme for Coffee Award – Vic Bruce, Judd’s Award – Ella Jones, Tungamah Hotel Award – Ella Costigan.

B Grade

Nathalia 34 defeated Tungamah 25 

The girls tried hard all game. Continuing their training drills playing out on the court is paying off. Although their opposition got the goals in early to slowly move ahead, the Tunga girls kept up the pace, with their last quarter proving so. 

Listening to the sideline and understanding what is required to do, saw the midcourt creating space, driving forward causing turnovers and assisting at the ring enabling the shooters to goal. 

Great talking and good footwork by the shooters in and around the ring, using each other in their passing and goaling. 

The defenders worked tirelessly all day, rebounding and deflecting the ball. 

Great team effort girls, the scores don’t reflect how hard everyone worked. 

Awards: Judd’s – Caity Whitelock, Brewit – Amy Griffith.

C Grade

Nathalia 50 defeated Tungamah 15

Another tough game for the girls, but everyone kept their heads held high. 

Danielle, Leanne and Amber moved around the ring making options. 

Olivia, Bridget, Bernadette and Brooke worked well in the midcourt and Kait and Josie were strong in defence as always. 

There were a few positive moments (Amber’s use of the goal ring and Bridget almost going through her opponent) and there are areas that the coaches have identified as ways to improve.

Awards: Cellarbrations – Amber Peachey, Brewit – Kait Megarrity.

C Reserve 

Nathalia 45 defeated Tungamah 21 

The Tunga girls had a good start to the game, quick work by attackers getting the ball into the ring and good intercepts by defenders, but Nathalia had got away from the Bears by half time. 

Katie came out firing in the start of the third with a few quick goals helping to get everyone a bit motivated, when the team switched to defence they put great pressure on the ball and were getting turnovers and intercepts, just need to work on making better use of the ball once the girls have it. 

Once again, the score doesn’t reflect the team’s efforts. 

Thanks to the junior girls that stepped up this week Bella Bridgeman and Penny Thomson both have fantastic talent.

Awards: Thyme for coffee café - Sally Eales, Byramine Homestead and Brewery - Kimberly Walker.

Under 17s
Nathalia 26 defeated by Tungamah 33

With fourth playing fifth, both teams wanted the win. 

Both teams began slow with both struggling early to establish the flow of the ball to the goal circle. Tungamah eventually scored first. 

At first break, Tungamah led 10/5. 

Changes in the 2nd brought fresh legs on, and midcourt opened up space, attacking and feeding the ball to the shooters. 

The Tunga shooters were not missing many and utilising the ring. 

Half time scores Tungamah led by six, with scores 17/11. 

More changes in the third and the girls tried to put in play what the coaches discussed at the break. 

Third quarter scores 25/17 had Tungamah still leading. More changes in the fourth but the girls seemed to lose a little shine, but still came away with a good win. 

Awards: Judd’s – Olivia Giggins, Subway – Savanna Wallden, McDonalds – Chloe Laffan.

Under 15s

Nathalia 38 defeated Tungamah 37

It was going to be tough game coming up against fourth position. But the Tungamah girls went out and gave it their all, at the end of first quarter the girls were down on the score board, but they kept chipping away.

The defence worked hard to keep giving the goalies more opportunities, the mid court proving a headache for opposition taking lots of intercepts. 

Goalies again were fantastic. 

At half time the Bears girls were in the lead by 3 but Nathalia came out firing in the third quarter hitting the lead again by 5. 

In the fourth quarter Tungamah were not going down without a fight and again kept their heads-up contesting everything all over the court. 

The girls only lost by 1 goal, it was a great team effort and it’s wonderful to see the girls challenging the top sides. 

They all are improving every week. 

Awards: Fish and chip shop – Piper Poll, Papalias Pizza – Savannah Wallden, Subway – Bella Lonergan, McDonalds – Tayla Crothers.

Under 13s 

Nathalia 24 defeated Tungamah 22

The girls should be extremely proud of how far they have come already individually and as a team. 

Millie debuted in the centre position proving her versatility on the court. She turned over many balls, provided stability and plenty of clear options for the girls. 

Maddison put plenty of pressure in defence getting numerous intercepts and is using her new skills and great choices in the GK position. 

Tamika worked extremely hard in GD as she also got her hands to many balls with her long reach, focusing on her quick recoveries and high pressure has really paid off this week. 

Aliela had a ripper improving every week she plays. Coming forward and her backup was fantastic. 

Lily and AJ shared play through the wings each individually showing more confidence, determination and control. 

Addison moved superbly in GA throughout the whole game. She was always available and made great deliveries to her players. 

Charlotte in GS worked alongside Addison beautifully as she manipulated her player well to have many goal opportunities. 

She worked hard all day showing her determination and putting her practice into play. 

Unfortunately, a slow start in the first quarter saw the Bears playing catch up for the remaining quarters. However Tungamah were only down by 2 in the end and the girls should be proud of their efforts. 

Condolences to team Bear Chloe and her family. This weekend the team wore black arm bands as they are thinking of you at this difficult time.

Awards: McDonalds – Millie Dodd, Crusty Loaf – Maddison Lawrence, Ricky D’s Pizza – Alektra Renau, Videoland – Lilly Spithill.

Under 11s

Nathalia 12 defeated by Tungamah 21 

Another glorious day for netball at Nathalia. The Tungamah girls started very slowly with the score 0 - 5 at quarter time but luckily, they found their rhythm and outscored the Purps to take home the win. 

The pressure down the court was evident with many held balls called in the Bears favour. 

Alani was finally able to secure the 1st goal in the 2nd quarter with Lara providing excellent passes and creating space in the ring for Alani to run through and shoot the goals. 

Elli then tried her luck as GS in the 2nd half and didn’t miss a goal, shooting from long range with swishes. 

The centre court players are unstoppable with improvements each week. Shylee in C didn’t stop and had a smile on her face all day, Maddy got her fingers on many intercepts which turned the play around to the attack, Chloe fought for every single loose ball that came her way and Chaye was a pocket rocket out at the centre passes as WD and intercepted many balls. 

Emily B and Molly were in defence and both girls outstretched their opponents to get rebounds and defended every pass. 

The girls wore black arm bands for their Mini Bear teammate Emily C who lost her dad during the week, condolences to Emily C and her family.

Awards: Crusty Loaf – Lara Hayes, Subway – Chloe, McDonalds – Molly Figgins.