Get ready for our new-look Bella

By Riverine Herald

THE WORLD is changing and as you can see, so is Bella/Beau.

We present to you a monthly, themed feature with something in it for everyone.

The essence hasn't been lost from the glossy pages of Bella and Beau's past, but captured and given a new twist in print.

In this feature, we will be giving you information, tips and tricks, recipes and a whole range of stories for you to enjoy.

We will still be bringing you stories and profiles of exceptional women and men in town who have amazing stories to tell.

These stories will pull on your heart strings, bring to light some important and maybe even taboo issues and hopefully inspire you.

Our cover girl for this month will do all of the above.

Nicole Dilubenzi has experienced more hardship than most of us can imagine, living life on the run after she was driven from her home country of Congo.

Only to flee Namibia, her family's country of refuge, where her husband was kidnapped, presumed dead.

But her strength and sacrifice led her to Australia and eventually Echuca where she made a new life for herself and her children.

And is now launching her own stunning fashion label with the help St Joseph’s College students and Moama Bowling Club.

This amazing story will have you in tears with a smile on your face all at the same time, and maybe even encourage you to follow your own dreams.

It shows even in the darkest moments in your life, if you let yourself believe there is hope, you will find the light at the end of the tunnel.

See the new Bella/Beau feature in Monday's Riverine Herald for Nicole's story and so much more.