Boating confusion clarified

By Corowa Free Press

Residents of NSW may boat and fish on the Murray River as long as they remain in NSW waters while Victorians will need a valid border permit to enter.

A lot of confusion has come from the border restrictions in many facets of our everyday lives including access to Lake Mulwala and the Murray River.

A spokesperson from NSW Police Force answered questions from the Chronicle regarding who may access local waters, warning police will also be patrolling the area.

“People currently in NSW may continue to boat and fish on the Murray River while staying within NSW waters,” the spokesperson said.

“The border between NSW and Victoria on the Murray River is the high-water mark on the southern bank and includes most navigable waters within Lake Mulwala. 

“The river below the high-water mark is NSW. Persons venturing past this point enter NSW and the restrictions in the Border Control Order apply.

“People currently in Victoria who intend to enter NSW waters using a vessel on the Murray River must have a valid border permit.”

This requirement applies:

to each person on board a vessel entering NSW waters from Victoria; and

to all recreational and commercial vessels, including houseboats.

NSW Police are patrolling the area and enforcing border entry requirements. 

If you have further questions, see the Service NSW border restrictions page for further information and how to apply online for a border entry permit. 

Victorians can fish off the banks of the Murray River from the Victorian side provided they have a NSW fishing license and suitable identification.